Fight against Medical Tracking in RI

Fight against Medical Tracking in RI

S676 sub A and H5541 sub A are coming close to being passed in RI statehouse. Keep fighting. It’s not over until its over.

Take a multi step action approach TODAY and throughout this week

CALL the Governor office to Oppose these bills. You won’t get her herself. Leave a msg with staff to oppose S676 sub A and H5541 sub A, and refuse to sign into law if they pass the floor vote. That you want our governor to respect our rights to privacy and informed consent. She should only support OPT IN for such an invasive database.

Calling Governor Phone: (401).222.2080

Call Senate President and Speaker of the House that you oppose the medical tracking database and they should also.

**Speaker Nicholas Matiello: 401-222-2466
**Senate President Ruggerio 401-222-6655

Call Senate HHS Committee Members to Vote NO on S676 sub A on Tues June 18th

Chairperson Joshua Miller 401-276-5507
Vice Chairperson Gayle Goldin 401- 276-5568
Senator Elizabeth Crowley 401-725-8526
Senator Thomas Paolino 401-749-6120
Senator Adam J. Satchell 401-615-5170
Senator James C. Sheehan 401-276-5567
Senator Bridget Valverde 401-379-0082
Senator Donna M. Nesselbush 401-728-3244
Senator Valerie Lawson 401-316-5666

Points on these bills;

RIDOH proposes an opt-out system that would require us to opt out, REPEATEDLY. We may be enrolled whenever we see a new doctor. There are no checks and balances of power. The same agency that tracks will also define the opt-out process those who wished to opt out would receive no written confirmation that they had been removed. RIDOH would also NOT be compelled to expunge any information collected while we were automatically enrolled.
This bill violates privacy and informed consent and proposes to legally data mine Rhode Islanders. New York, New Jersey and New Hampshire all have opt-in databases. We should too.

The Rhode Island Department of Health has introduce House Bill 5541 via Representative McNamara and Senate Bill 676 via Senator Crowley, to track the medical data of every person in Rhode Island. According to lines 9 & 10, RICAIR (tracking database) will collect, “data elements nationally endorsed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” Meanwhile, CDC endorses ALL data elements that a tracking database collects, “This list does not include all data elements external information systems such as EHRs, vital records, practice management or billing systems are expected to send to an IIS. The list may not include all data elements an IIS produces, stores or sends. Data elements may be derived and architectural solution may differ among IIS.”  – Note the bold wording below the spreadsheet here from the CDC

RI ACLU has opposed this legislation see their statement here


Send two emails– one to whole house of representatives – one to whole senate.

Use info above to compose your email. You may also keep it to one paragraph like suggestion above for calling Governor.

Example Signature

Aimee Gardiner, RI Parent, Health Advocate, 4017410386


Copy and Paste list for House Representatives – BCC whole house in one email

Subject; OPPOSE H5541 subA floor vote on Medical Tracking Database


Copy and Paste List for Senate – BCC an email to full senate

Subject; OPPOSE S676 subA floor vote on Medical Tracking Database


You can still sign the petition against this database being formed in RI

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