Movement Info Mar 30th

Movement Info Mar 30th

Good Evening;

We have made great progress since we began and now the senate bills to remove the HPV vaccine mandate will be heard in committee in the senate lounge tomorrow March 31st.

RALLY!! 3:15p in the Rotunda at the State House

We will gather together to support the bills being heard by the senate committee and to support all the efforts by the legislators that have co signed bills to help bring us to this point. We will show the general assembly that this issue is important. That there needs to be a point to draw the line, and stop the over reach of power by the RI Dept of Health.

Teens are encouraged to come with you, this directly effects them. Gather your friends and neighbors. Car pool etc. In August the Rally was close to 100 people in Cumberland, bring that in together at the state house tomorrow March 31st.

Heath and Human Services Committee will hear the two bills S2292 & S2295

Legislator Phone E-mail
  Senator Cynthia A. Coyne   (401) 222-6655
  Senator Elizabeth A. Crowley    (401) 725-8526
  Senator Gayle L. Goldin   (401) 340-5050
  Senator Nicholas D. Kettle   (401) 473-7784
  Senator Joshua Miller  (401) 276-5582
  Senator Donna M. Nesselbush    (401) 728-3244
  Senator Adam J. Satchell    (401) 615-5170
  Senator James C. Sheehan   (401) 885-1988
  Senator V. Susan Sosnowski   (401) 783-7704

Showing up is a BIG part of this process but we know that not everyone can be at the statehouse. Call /email the committee members above right now and state your support of these bills. Write a testimony (can be just two paragraphs does not have to be tons of details &include bill #s) and bring with you 12 copies to hand in at the hearing. This is requested but not required. The hearing will begin about 4:30p on the second floor in the senate lounge.

The Facebook event was created so that you may invite your friends via social media. You can also share this email message via social media or by forwarding the email.

In other news;

Have you seen the hype yet? VaxXed?

VaxXed is a documentary about the CDC cover-up and fraud of Merck. #CDCwhistleblower came out in 2014 about lies and destruction of documents in the CDC. William Thompson kept copies himself and later came out as the whistleblower to the deception in that dept. This documentary does not discuss specifically about the HPV Vaccine Gardasil. Why is it relevant to this discussion and movement? Gardasil is made by Merck the same pharmaceutical company that is involved in this film. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) is where RI Dept of Health sites all their sources for data in choices with vaccine mandates for RI. Merck is one of the top vaccine manufacturers and all state health departments follow what the CDC states. If there is documented fraud in both we should all know about it and determine our personal level of trust from those organizations. Merck also made Vioxx that was the largest drug recall, so they are not new to being dishonest. You can have your chance for one week in New York if you want to make the drive. Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe will be shown starting this Friday for one week. Future locations will be released.

The other part of this news — once the original location and announcement was made for the film; it was censored and many tried to get the film shut down. It shows a glimpse of when there is truth and transparency that the people should know about, main stream media is silent and the big organizations will drop money to keep their secret. Main stream media is controlled by the assigning editors not the reporters. We need to ask ourselves why does the media ignore things directly relevant to the CDC or pharmaceutical companies when there is evidence they weren’t honest. When any other major manufacturer (like for a vehicle) messes up, it is all over the news ‘for our safety’, why is disease control dishonesty not news worthy ‘for our safety’ also?

Look forward to seeing you tomorrow with your signs,





Press Release March 28

Press Release March 28


Mar 28, 2016

State House Rally to support removing HPV vaccine mandate

Rhode Islanders against mandated HPV vaccinations (#NOHPVmandateRI) is holding a Rally to support senate bills S2292 & S2295

Thursday March 31st 2016 at 3:15p

RI State House inside Rotunda

RI citizens will be gathering together to support the senate bills S2292 & S2295 that will remove the HPV vaccine mandate from the school schedule of vaccinations for admittance to school. These bills will also require the RI Dept. of Health to hold public hearings prior to mandating any future vaccines for school students. Both bills will be heard on Mar 31st by the senate Health and Human Services Committee at the rise of the senate, in the senate lounge on 2nd floor.

#NOHPVmandateRI encourages everyone to come out and show support of these bills, and these legislators that heard our requests and took action. Teens and adults are welcome to attend the rally and the hearing to follow.

“I am glad that RI parents and citizens spoke up and reached out to their legislators. Together by many efforts combined is how change is possible. Now the bills are scheduled to be heard, and a big part of getting them passed is by showing up and supporting them. This has been a rewarding experience to be a part of, and I will continue to work to see the bills pass.” – Aimee Gardiner, Director of Rhode Islanders against mandated HPV vaccinations.

#NOHPVmandateRI strongly recommends that any parent uncomfortable with this vaccine for their children should claim a ‘religious exemption’, which can be executed via a simple form that can be downloaded from the files section of


Media Contact

Aimee Gardiner, Media Outreach & Director

401.406.2647 /

Who’s Ready to Rally?! The time is NOW

Who’s Ready to Rally?! The time is NOW

State House Rally on Thurs March 31st! 3:15p

Senate bills S2292 and S2295 will be heard by the senate committee that evening around 4:30p the hearing will begin. The senate bills REMOVE the HPV vaccine from the mandated school schedule of vaccines for inclusion of students to public and private school. It also requires the RI Dept of Health to hold three public hearings/meetings before mandating any future vaccines. This is a GREAT step forward in what we have been working towards. WE NEED BODIES TO SHOW UP INCLUDING TEENS. We can not stress enough that even if you choose not to speak, that showing up at the statehouse sends a strong message. Bring your signs and your message, we will be heard. Let’s Do This! If you are on Facebook, here is the event link.

The public hearings will be a speed bump for the RI DOH, as when they had their meetings last summer and we made A LOT of noise they changed nothing. The terminology of this bill does not hold them accountable if the public does give push back and does not want the mandate, what they are then required to do. It simply states hearings, so they may still do as they wish. WRITE/CALL/SPEAK to your committee members that this should be amended to remove the authority of the RI DOH to make the final decision, but that you support they have public hearings.

Share this info everywhere, via social media, via email, via calling your friends. The time is NOW to show up, stand up, and speak up.

Last week was the house hearing for the bills H7475 & H7476. Both bills were held for further study and both bills had public support. We thank those that came out to the statehouse. You can watch the hearing recording here at the state website. Under 3/16/16 for the Health Education and Welfare committee. Some devices it starts at 88:51 and some it seems to register to begin at 122:00.

It’s not too late to sign the petition against the mandate.


We have the ability to offer you a one week ability to help support Rhode Islanders against mandated HPV vaccinations without just simply giving us a donation. (though we are still accepting straight donations here) Many supporters of this cause have also shared with us that they support health options and healthy ways of life. DoTerra is a product line that offers essential oils, skin care, supplements, lotions, and more. From now until April 2nd all orders placed for these products through this link; 15% of the purchase will be donated to our group. We are not endorsing these products, or stating they are superior to others, we are offering a way to help the group with items you may wish to purchase anyway.

Additional Info;

Also on March 31st in the Health and Human services committee will hear bill S2050 in relation to Naturopathic Physicians Act. Which is an alternative health option.

Don’t forget Sunday the 27th is the last day to register to vote for the presidential primaries, and you must be registered to vote for your local state representatives and senators also.

Enjoy your holiday weekend with family and friends, and we are here to help with questions or support. The online discussion group with our Director Aimee is located at this link.


Rhode Islanders against mandated HPV vaccinations Core Group Team




Mark your date books

Mark your date books

Hello Rhode Islanders,

We have had some awesome weather this week, and we will be turning the clocks ahead Sunday. Spring is here and so is the time crunch to make an impact on making sure the bills pass in the statehouse to support the movement. A 5th bill that support informed consent is H7899- “All consent forms or other correspondence sent to parents and guardians with respect to vaccinations shall affirmatively notify them of the option to opt out of participation in the vaccination program.”

5 bills currently have been introduced that align with what we as a group have been advocating for. We might have news soon of a 6th bill we are working towards. What does all this mean? Does it seem like a lot to keep track of? Are you overwhelmed? First, please do not be overwhelmed. The five bills will be heard by two committees. One in the house and one in the senate. So there will be two hearings. Keeping track can be done by registering with the bill tracker service through the state website that will send you emails. For the purpose of the bills associated to what this group advocates for we will be sending emails and updating the FB page also.

Here is what you can do to make a BIG impact;

  • Email the committee members for the two committees in regards to supporting the bills and be sure to include your contact information in the email.
  • Show Up to the hearing the day it is being heard. Even if you do not speak but you show up and sign in saying you support the bill, it makes a difference.
  • Speak up at the hearing. Prepare testimony that is 2minutes or less of time to say to the committee members. If you have been injured by this vaccine or have a family member injured by this vaccine, this is a very important step in getting the awareness out there.
  • Prepare written testimony to the committee members (try not to be more then one page in length)
  • Schedule a time to meet your representative and/or senate member asap to sit one on one and express your points of view. This can leave a lasting impression that they resonate with and personally are impacted by. If your legislator is not a committee member hearing these bills, that is okay, you could request them to come to the hearing to support the bill or speak to their colleagues about it. Aimee will attend with you if you would like her to, she has already attended with other members of the group and will support you too.
  • Tell all your family and friends, share the knowledge and the information. The more people that contact and show up the bigger the impact of all combined. Hang signs, share on social media etc to get the word out.

These six items are the ways to make change. We hope you will do all six but understandably not everyone can. Do what you can do, each piece builds the puzzle.


Mark your date books!

March 16th is when the house hearings will take place. H7475, H7476   – This is the ‘rise of the house’ so you should get there by 4:15p. Bring teenagers and have them speak too. You can submit testimony even if you will be out of state, email and we will be sure to submit it.

March 19th Advocacy Training Workshop 10:30am in West Greenwich, this will be after the house committee hearing but before the senate committee hearing. This workshop is to help our movement but also for everyone to speak up about whatever issue speaks to them. March 20th 1:30 pm in Middletown at Middletown Library will be second day of Advocacy Training Workshop.

Be prepared for a hearing to take place March 22/23/ or 24 – we don’t know which day yet but there is a high chance one of those days S2292 & S2295 will be heard by the senate committee.

Health, Education, and Welfare committee. is the committee that will hear the house bills.

Health and Human Services committee. is the committee that will hear the senate bills.


Time crunch is on, Let’s Do This! #NOHPVmandateRI

Join Us in this fight today.


Advocacy Training Workshop

Advocacy Training Workshop

how you can make your voice heard in Rhode Island.

learn how important civil liberties legislation is; how to reach your legislators; and how to testify before committees.

You can help make Rhode Island a better place for your family, friends, and neighbors!

Your voice is important. Learn how to use it.

Teens too! 13+ should attend. Bring the teens to learn how to be involved in what effects their lives too.

This event is for anyone supporting or against any bill. Maybe you don’t have a piece of legislation that strikes you yet, but you want to know more about the process and what to do.

Aimee Gardiner has attended advocacy training from the RI ACLU and has experience as a main leader in advocating legislation proposal and advocating for change.

If you have testimony you have already written bring it with you. If you have questions or ideas, bring the list with you. Let’s work together and share and prepare for speaking up at the statehouse and to our representatives/senators.

REGISTER TO VOTE ~ you have to be registered to vote for your representatives and help create change. You will be able to register to vote during this event.

Share this event, invite your friends.
Please register by emailing with your full name and that you would like to attend the workshop. You can also go directly to the library and sign up via the sheet at the desk.

March 19th 10:30am Louttit Library – West Greenwich, RI

March 20th 1:30pm Middletown Library – Middletown RI

On Facebook? Here is the 19th  FB event page you can invite and add friends also.

Here is the 20th FB Event page

What does the science say?

What does the science say?

HPV Vaccine – What does the science say?

James Lyons-Weller, PhD

In this interview the HPV vaccine and HPV is discussed in regards to the studies and the data.



Vaccination against the human papillomavirus (HPV) is widely thought to confer protection in humans against cervical cancer. HPV studies have recently shown that the vaccines can prevent infection with the strains of the virus found in the vaccine. This has been widely covered in the media.  IPAK Scientists, however, are concerned by the lack of reporting in the media outlets of troubling results from the same studies that show that vaccinated women also show a higher rate prevalence of overall HPV infection by rarer, potentially more pathogenic strains of HPV. The studies do not address why, but the data are very clear: vaccinated, sexually active women have shown higher rates of infection with riskier HPV types than unvaccinated, sexually active women (Guo et al., 2015).

If you are HPV vaccinated, or are thinking about getting the HPV shot, you may wish to consult with your doctor about this additional risk. Use of condoms can reduce the rate of transmission of HPV overall, and can also reduce the occurrence of unplanned pregnancies.

Clinical studies of an antiviral cream containing Ranpirnase have shown promise in directly targeting HPV.  Condom manufacturers and personal lubricant products should consider adding Ranpirnase to their products if/when the FDA approves of its use.

This statement is not medical advice. IPAK advises all parents to read the studies, and ask your doctor for their interpretation.

Guo et al., 2015. Comparison of HPV prevalence between HPV-vaccinated and non-vaccinated young adult women (20-26 years) American Association for Cancer Research Meeting,  Apr 18-22; Philadelphia, PA. Philadelphia (PA): AACR; 2015. Abstract nr 844

“The prevalence of high-risk nonvaccine types was higher among vaccinated women than unvaccinated women (52.1% vs 40.4%, prevalence ratio 1.29, 95% CI 1.06–1.57), but this difference was attenuated after adjusting for sexual behavior variables (adjusted prevalence ratio 1.19, 95% CI 0.99–1.43). HPV vaccination was effective against all 4 vaccine types in young women vaccinated after age 12. However, vaccinated women had a higher prevalence of high-risk nonvaccine types, suggesting that they may benefit from newer vaccines covering additional types.”

Table from Guo et al:

Table from Markovitz et al., 2016: Note there is no significant difference in overall HPV infection between vaccinated and unvaccinated, and slight (but not significant) increase in the rate of rarer HPV strain infection. lists a clinical trial of the use of Ranpirnase to clear genital warts.  For more information, visit


Guo, Fangjian et al., 2015. Comparison of HPV prevalence between HPV-vaccinated and non-vaccinated young adult women (20–26 years) Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics 11: Issue 10, 2015. 11(10):2337-44. doi: 10.1080/21645515.2015.1066948.

Markowitz LE et al., 2016 Prevalence of HPV After Introduction of the Vaccination Program in the United States. Pediatrics. 2016 Feb 22. pii: peds.2015-1968.

IPAK: Reducing human painand suffering through knowledge.

ipaknowledge source link


RI HPV Info pack is available to RI citizens for personal reference and to share.

Vaccine Follow the Money

Vaccine Follow the Money

In this video (that aired in 2008) you can see how following the money led to American Academy of Pediatrics accepting a large sum of money from Merck the same time they released their statement to endorse the HPV vaccine Gardasil. #NOHPVmandateRI

Sign the petition to reverse the HPV vaccine mandate in RI

Please share this post, the public needs to be aware of the ties that exist.

Advocacy in RI

Wow, March?!

As I reflect on this journey, it has been a wonderful time filled with lots of learning and many great experiences. I have met many supporters of this movement, and have spoken on the phone with countless more. I have been interviewed and spoke at events, all with a great audience and wonderful people. I never thought about how this path would take me in the journey of being more involved in multiple aspects of politics. Expanding the network of RI contacts to great numbers in a short time frame, and enjoying it all along the way. I was already in this to win it, and fully committed to long haul; now I know not only will this movement be one I am proud to be a leader in, I will continue to fight for what is right in RI and protecting our rights. Friend me or ‘Follow’ me on Facebook if you would like. The Gaspee Project is a great group to ‘like’ on Facebook and to review the website. Multiple topics that are about advocating for your rights here in RI.

I found this blog post that was written almost exactly one year ago; HPV & Me. I hope you find it helpful.

I have been attending meetings at the statehouse with some members, and am very willing to continue to do so. The sooner the better so the meetings can happen before the hearing of the bills we want to be supported and pass. You may call me and I will meet with you and your senator or your representative 401.406.2647.

Do you want get more involved with the group? Would you like to be directly connected to the happening within Rhode Islanders against mandated HPV vaccinations? I would love to talk more, please call or email at

I truly enjoy doing this work and being an activist. Whether this is a top priority for you or something you support from afar, you are appreciated, and each piece makes the whole possible. Thank you and enjoy the information in this week’s update.

Sincerely with Smiles,

Aimee Gardiner


The ACLU is a great resource for anyone in staying up with what legislation or actions in the state could infringe on your rights. The legislation area of their website gives you a snippit of the bills they feel are of importance and we suggest you take a look to see what other topics may be of interest to you. They have copies of the constitution available to you and multiple other printouts and pieces of useful information. You can call or email to request copies of anything you would like that they print.

This is the ACLU statement on the HPV vaccine mandate.

I hope you were able to attend the advocacy training that was recently held by ACLU to give tips about making a difference and standing up at the statehouse. If you missed it; ACLU_testimony_tips is a great summary to start. Both the ACLU and the book mentioned next suggest emailing the committee that is reviewing the bills. If you have not done so already you can email = the house bills are in Health, Education, and Welfare committee. The senate bills will be reviewed by the Health and Human Services committee.

Have you heard of the Rhode Island Government Owner’s Manual? Do you know it is printed annually and you can request a copy of it, your local library may have a copy you can keep also. It includes the RI constitution, the name and position of each member of the state house, the name and contact information for all members of the house/senate/&congressional reps of RI. Comments of participating as citizens and on lobbying. This book is a tool that is a resource to have at your fingertips. You can request your copy by emailing


You may find bill H5691 Formaldehyde Control of interest to you in relation to vaccines. This bill was introduced in Feb 2015.
The current bills for this movement are S2292, S2295, H7475, H7476. Read the bill text and you can follow bills with the bill tracker system, you select as many or as few as you wish and get email updates on them. Sign up for bill tracker today.

Read the last update email here.

We hope you enjoy your weekend.

#NOHPVmandateRI Core Group Team

Rhode Islanders against mandated HPV vaccinations