High-Risk HPV Type Replacement Follows HPV Vaccination

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The number of studies that show that partial immunization via available HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccines is not only insufficient at reducing overall HPV infection rates; the vaccines actually cause rarer, more lethal types of HPV to sweep in and the net effect could be devastating increases in HPV-related cancers.

Here I review the biomedical research studies that show that type replacement is real, and that vaccination against the more common types may be, sadly and ironically, expected to cause INCREASES in HPV-related cancer.

The first study is CDC’s own study, in which they show no net change in HPV infection rate (considering all types) after HPV vaccines were introduced medical practice:


Markowitz LE et al., 2016 Prevalence of HPV After Introduction of the Vaccination Program in the United States. Pediatrics. 2016 Feb 22. pii: peds.2015-1968.

That study concluded that type replacement did not occur because their univariate analysis of…

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Allegheny County considers mandate for HPV vaccine for students


After 35 radiation treatments and seven chemotherapy sessions to reduce a cancerous lump in his throat from the human papillomavirus HPV, John Rhodes had trouble eating, swallowing and communicating.

For a time, he needed a feeding tube, and he has yet to put on the 80 pounds he lost as a result. As assistant coach for the Duquesne men’s basketball team, he had to use other tactics to get his players attention so he could teach them without the booming voice he used to have.

Mr. Rhodes, 50, expressed his support for the HPV vaccine at the Allegheny County Health Department’s public forum on Wednesday night. The forum was meant to gather community input about the possibility of requiring all adolescents be vaccinated against HPV.

“As a coach and a very competitive person, I challenge all of you to encourage more people to get vaccinated,” Mr. Rhodes told the crowd.

Karen Hacker, director of the Allegheny County Health Department, said the department would compile the information from community members and present it at the next board meeting on July 13. If the board decides to move forward with the mandate, Dr. Hacker said there will be time for public comment then. The health department is also discussing the possibility of requiring school nurses to report vaccination coverage for the HPV vaccine.

The HPV vaccine includes three shots over a period of six months and is meant to protect against genital warts, throat and mouth infections, and a host of cancers. The virus is a sexually transmitted disease and affects nearly 80 million people in the United States, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Following CDC guidelines, the mandate would require 11- and 12-year-olds to receive all three doses of the HPV vaccine in a certain period of time to be admitted to school.

Currently, the Pennsylvania Department of Health requires children to have one dose of meningococcal conjugate vaccine and one dose of Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, acellular pertussis) before entering seventh grade. State guidelines, which Dr. Hacker said the mandate would follow, allow students with moral, religious or medical concerns to be exempt. Dr. Hacker did not know of any other Pennsylvania counties considering such a mandate.

The vaccine is recommended at 11 or 12 so the child is protected before they come in contact with someone with the virus and because the vaccine has a stronger immune response in younger children, according to Karen Feinstein, CEO of the Jewish Healthcare Foundation, which leads an HPV vaccination initiative. If children are not yet vaccinated, the CDC recommends vaccination for females aged 13-26 and males aged 13-21.

In Pennsylvania, 48.2 percent of females between 13 and 17 years old and 26 percent of males received all three shots in 2014, according to CDC data. In the Pittsburgh region, 27 percent of girls and 21.8 percent of boys ages 14-17 were fully vaccinated in 2014, according to the Jewish Healthcare Foundation.

Although the HPV vaccine protects against several strands of the virus, James Lyons-Weiler, founding director for the Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge, said it does not target the rarer types of the virus. A mandate for the vaccine, he said, could cause a larger problem.

“The rarer kind sweeps in and replaces more common types. They’re rare because they’re more dangerous, more deadly,” he said. His only solution would be to wait until there is a program that protects against all types of HPV and to have better training for doctors administering the vaccine.

In the United States, the Rhode Island Department of Health began requiring the vaccine for seventh-grade students in September 2015, and several other states are considering legislation. Some other countries, though, have not had successful results from mandates for the HPV vaccine, which Alison Mullins, co-director for the Pennsylvania Coalition for Informed Consent, said is a red flag.

“This is a vaccine that is available to anyone, anyone who wants it can get it at any time. Why do we need to mandate something that we know has serious issues and that other countries have ceased mandating,” Ms. Mullins said.

She recommends people read the package insert on vaccines to learn about potential adverse effects. Gardasil, for example, she said, listed unexplained collapse, seizure, stroke and death on the package insert.


There is a quiz located at the bottom of the original article asking if the HPV vaccine should be mandated.

Fill in form to support reversing the HPV vaccine mandate in RI and advocating for informed consent.

Common Sense RI

Common Sense RI

Patricia Morgan Interviews Aimee Gardiner on the HPV vaccine mandate in RI

Common Sense RI also takes a look at some of the political points at the state house.

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Today is the last day

Today is the last day that VaxXed documentary will be shown in RI. Avon Cinema on Thayer St, Providence RI. Showing at 4:25p & 8:25p
See the press release here vaxxed.nohpvmandateri.com
Join the VaxXed team newsletter and follow along with what they are doing as this documentary works towards bringing awareness in Congress.

Christine Waldeck has about a dozen T Shirts and is located in Northern RI and Aimee Gardiner has about 25 T Shirts and is in Southern RI. If you are looking to purchase a VaxXed T Shirt they are $20 each and you can email changehpvmandateri@gmail.com with your preference of meeting in Providence area or Washington County area and we will connect with you. The Vaxxed T Shirt sales support the producers traveling to many locations to promote and discuss the film with the Q & A sessions. You can also connect with both women in the Facebook discussion group .

Do you have a review of the Vaxxed documentary? We would love for you to email your review to us, or create a 2minute or less video of yourself. Hope to hear from you and what your thoughts are soon.
Now that Vaxxed will be leaving RI and the summer is just kicking off with many parents getting their HPV mandate letters in the mail, we will be re-launching the Awareness Campaign. You can help by copy and pasting the below statement on social media.

RI schools are sending home letters stating that the HPV vaccine is mandated for school attendance (7th & 8th). This notice gives no mention of the religious exemption in most cases. RI Dept of Health publicly stated that no child will be left out of school for not receiving the HPV vaccine. Please know that this vaccine is not a requirement that has no options. RI HPV Info pack is available to provide information and to get a copy of the religious exemption. RIHPVinfo.nohpvmandateri.com #NOHPVmandateRI #InformedConsent

We are working towards our goal of $700 to print 15000 rack cards to spread throughout RI, to give parents and citizens the information they have a right to know. Will you help us get there? Any amount helps. www.gifts.nohpvmandateri.com

Thank you for the support of advocating for informed consent and working to reverse the mandate of the HPV vaccine in RI.


Rhode Islanders against mandated HPV vaccinations team.

RI VaxXed Review; Julie

On Sun, Jun 18 2016, 10:21pm Julie wrote:

I just returned home after seeing the first showing of VaxXed in Rhode Island.  It was everything I expected and more simply because I have been desperately researching the maladies my children have been suffering from for the last 14 years. I haven’t been looking for someone to “blame”, I’ve simply wanted to know “what happened” to my kid and “why”.  I don’t want money and I don’t want revenge. I’ve only sought to make my children’s lives healthier so they can pursue the “normal” path into adulthood and enjoy all the great things that I have experienced as someone who grew up in the 70’s and 80’s. Well, those days are behind us in every way.  I had the chicken pox and survived. I even had a small case of shingles in my late 30’s and survived that as well. When I was 18 months old, I was quarentined in the hospital for something I can’t even remember. No permanent damage. Had I been vaccinated for any of those diseases? No.  I’m a healthy grown adult today with 3 boys who are suffering from A to Z……..
The documentary “VaxXed : From Cover-up to Catastrophe” answers the two questions that I have been most interested in hearing answers for.
First, how does any of this Autism link to MMR theory make sense when our esteemed doctors are sworn to take an oath of “First, do no harm”? This is a whole can of worms on its own and I won’t go into it in my review of VaxXed. The long and short of it is that the Hippocratic Oath doesn’t really “say” this. Good lord you say? Yes, really. I will post a few links about that later.
Second, how can we not believe or trust the Pediatricians that are so wonderful to our babies? They love babies! They have their own babies!  They would NEVER harm our children. I believe this. The startling truth that VaxXed shows us is that our beloved Pediatricians have been LIED TO and an alarming number of them have no idea they are being lied to even to this day!  That is a fact.
That is why when we walk into our doctors office with our babies and ask “could this horrible symptom be because he had that shot on the very same day etc…..” we get the “No, of course not, the CDC sent us the literature with all the studies proving that this shot is safe and necessary….”
So there it is, the stark and infuriating truth.

Here are a few bullet points I thought were worth listing:

*You will most likely cry at some point during this film, so plan accordingly.
*People are bringing their children to this film. This is a good thing. Children should be informed, the younger the better.  Kids will chat a little about what they are seeing. Let’s give them a pass within reason, they will likely spread the word to their friends.
*I had 2 moms behind me completely break down at different times and they had the ability to get up and take a breather.  They returned a few minutes later. Please have patience for those who are outwardly crying. We can always see this film again if a few words were missed.
*A few people were shocked by some actual congressional testimony shown regarding the CDC cover up. They had a few words to say “out loud” to the movie screen. We empathize, we’ll give them a pass.
*At the end of the movie, in the credits, some good information is listed. People will take pictures of the screen with their phones for future reference. I think this is absolutely a circumstance for one to be able to use their phone in the theater.

Lastly, I can’t believe we are here, in this age, having to learn that this horrible crime has been perpetrated on our children. We must continue the battle to educate everyone we meet. We’ll be bullied and belittled. I certainly have been. But to plant the seed is the beginning and we will reach some people. Those people will reach a few as well……..and so on…….

Love to you all.

I have to add another paragraph to my VAxXed review. It wouldn’t be a truly honest review if I didn’t correct one thing.  I asked my mom late last if she remembered what I had been quarantined for. Here is her copied text back to me:

You had a high fever so dad took you to hospital. You had had your smallpox vaccination several days before that and a fever was a typical reaction. Yours was quite high so Dr Jane Had you admitted. You got diarrhea just when you were coming home so we’re quarantined for couple days.

So there you go. I, too, have been vaccine injured. The irony would be enjoyable if vaccine injury had ceased 45 years ago. Alas, it continues today.

Playing in RI at Avon Cinema June 17-23rd, 4:25p & 8:25p

Wrongly injected toddler fights leukaemia

BLINDSIDED: Ryan and Keri Topperwien with Chace, who is battling a rare form of leukaemia.
A Hamilton toddler who was mistakenly injected with a vaccine to prevent cervical cancer when he was just six weeks old has developed a rare form of leukaemia.

Chace Topperwien began chemotherapy for the M7 strand of acute myeloid leukaemia on his second birthday last month, but doctors cannot tell them whether the Gardasil vaccine he was injected with in May 2009 caused the cancer.

His parents, Ryan and Keri Topperwien, are devastated at the diagnosis after they were reassured at the time of the incident that their baby would not suffer any adverse reactions.

“I had thought in the very back of my mind that the absolute worst thing they could say is leukaemia,” Mrs Topperwien said. “When they said that he had it, it blindsided both of us.”

The couple, both 27, were horrified when at six weeks old their son was given the vaccination meant for teenage girls instead of one to prevent meningitis.

Gardasil targets the human papillomavirus, which causes warts on the hands, feet and genitals and is responsible for 99 per cent of cervical cancers.

Since the cancer diagnosis, Chace has been undergoing an aggressive course of chemotherapy treatment for up to 10 hours a day in Starship hospital in Auckland.

The little boy is due to start a second course of chemotherapy on Tuesday but doctors are waiting for his white blood cell levels to increase.

Until then the once energetic and outdoor-loving preschooler is confined to his bedroom 23 hours a day while his immune system recovers – a simple cold or bug could be disastrous.

The couple said their only child was taking the illness in his stride and, other than a nasogastric tube in his nose for feeding, looked deceivingly well.

“He’s still smiling and laughing. Other than not being allowed out of his room he’s still happy. But he knows that he’s not well.”

Mr Topperwien has taken indefinite leave from his job as a ceiling installer and Mrs Topperwien has put her PhD studies on hold so they can be at their son’s bedside.

The pair, who are sleeping at Ronald McDonald House and take turns spending the night with Chace, have taken a three-month “mortgage holiday” to keep financial pressures at bay.

But they are worried about what will happen when that ends and said if Chace’s chemotherapy was not successful they might need to look at further treatment overseas.

To help the family, friends have started three Facebook pages to raise money and so far fundraising events have netted more than $4000. A head-shaving fundraiser planned for tonight in Hamilton had attracted up to 20 participants, Mr Topperwien said.

He and his wife had already shaved their own hair to show Chace, whose hair had begun falling out, that it was okay to have it shaved off.

Meanwhile they want their concerns about a possible link between the Gardasil vaccination mistake and Chace’s leukaemia acknowledged. “It’s not a crazy theory,” Mrs Topperwien said.

“We feel the development of his immune system has been interrupted and when he was diagnosed doctors said that the mutation of his cells had come about through a different pathway to the way leukaemia normally develops.”

Waikato District Health Board medical officer of health Dr Felicity Dumble said she did not believe there would be a link between Gardasil and leukaemia.

However, she said it was important cases such as Chace’s be monitored and researched to establish if there was a possible association.

Read the original article post here

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Good Afternoon June 16th

Good Afternoon June 16th

The day is upon us and the VaxXed documentary is debuting tomorrow. This is very exciting to be able to show this in Rhode Island and have the legislators that are our elected officials have the option to view it right here and see this important information. Aimee & Christine went to the State House this week and personally invited members of the General Assembly to attend this film and see the data it provides.

This message may be a little longer then our average email and we sincerely request you to read the entire message to have all the content. We want to be sure you have the information we believe you want us to share with you, but this time it is a little more then we usually have in one post/email.

Vaxxed T Shirts will be arriving soon for purchase and if you ordered the NOHPVmandateRI T Shirts you should have already received a shipping status email. The Vaxxed T Shirts will not be available at the Avon Cinema. Rhonda & Aimee will be right around the corner on Saturday the 18th with them available for purchase $20 each. 6pm at Flatbread Pizza on Cushing St. You may also contact Aimee at 401.406.2647 to connect for purchasing the T Shirts. The Vaxxed T Shirt sales support the efforts of the team traveling around the nation to go to different theaters and discuss the film. To see the up to date current Facebook posts about this film in RI; the event page will give you that and you can invite others to join in too.

VaxXed~ Avon Cinema, Thayer St Providence RI. June 17-23rd at 4:25p & 8:25p = Tickets are available for sale at the cinema box office 30-40 minutes before the show time, there is not online sales.

Do you need financial help with getting a ticket? Email BringVaxXedtoRI@gmail.com to inquire about getting a ticket to see VaxXed. Donate for others who may not otherwise be able to attend at www.tinyurl.com/DonateVaxxedTickets

Don’t forget to also sign up for updates through email from VAXXED via http://www.vaxxedthemovie.com selecting the newsletter.

Are you not familiar with the area? See the end of this message for a description of what to expect driving in.

Recently Coalition Radio on WPRO had Del Bigtree on the show. Here is the recording of the interview.

Tomorrow June 17th Del Bigtree and Rhonda Apollo will be guests on the CT local TV show Holistic Health Hour. 5-6p est. Atlantic Broadband Channel 25. Be Sure to tune in.

Please email ChangeHPVmandateRI@gmail.com if you are interested in having one of the producers and a representative of our group for an interview.


Rhode Islanders against mandated HPV vaccinations supports this documentary on the basis of informed consent. The citizens of the United States have a right to know the true facts of data about medical decisions, withholding that information negates informed consent. Merck makes Gardasil the HPV vaccine and it also makes the vaccine in the study being manipulated. As an organization we stand against the mandate attached to a child’s education, and we advocate for informed consent. Though we do not take position on the HPV vaccine or any vaccine, informed consent also involves sharing information that is in direct association to our topic. Merck and the CDC are directly connected to the HPV vaccine, we fully support the data in this documentary being available and viewed, and the public can choose how to react or what to do with that data. We will continue to advocate for information and transparency to be a priority.


Saturday June 18th Jim Langevin (congressional representative) will be holding a public open lunch. 12p-2p at Bravo Wood Fired Pizza in North Kingstown. Ask him why he hasn’t obtained the CDC whistle blower documents from Bill Posey’s office. Ask him to attend VaxXed and ask him to take a stand for informed consent in our medical industry. Tell him you are watching, and doing nothing, come November matters on votes. Congress has known about the documents presented in VaxXed for two years. Congressman Bill Posey requested that congress investigate the CDC after he looked over the documents. Jim Langevin along with many others did not even request copies of the documents to look over themselves. Informed Consent matters, transparency in our highest health organization matters. Make sure Jim Langevin knows your stance. Here is the link to his lunch event on Facebook.

Call your representatives and senators and tell them how important this issue is. Whether you just want to focus on discussing the HPV vaccine mandate, or also the CDC whistle blower William Thompson documents. They need to know we are serious and we are watching. Call them today and make your voice heard.

Join us in the discussion online to see others posts and perspectives too.

Donate to our mission of reversing the HPV vaccine mandate in RI and advocating for informed consent.


What to expect when coming to Avon Cinema

For those unfamiliar with the East Side of Providence and Thayer Street in particular, where the Avon Cinema is located, here is some helpful advice.

Arriving to the show at the last minute, especially for evening shows, will make parking directly on Thayer St. very difficult, if not impossible.

You will also have to contend with parking meters.

Although, there are plenty of neighboring streets that should serve your purpose, so be prepared to walk a couple of blocks.

There are many great places to eat and little shops to visit on Thayer St., so you may want to arrive early and stop at a restaurant before the show to secure the best parking spot closest to the theater.

I highly recommend “Flatbread Pizza”, as they employ great people, the food is entirely organic, delicious, and is also very spacious establishment which is great for for groups.
Their Info:  161 Cushing St, Providence, RI 02906
Phone:(401) 273-2737

Here are some other options to consider for dining out:

There are several more pages after the first one, so be sure to scroll through the rest:

Lastly, We are here for you!

Just contact us through the VAXXED/Rhode Island Event Page and we will help answer your questions! https://www.facebook.com/BringVAXXEDtoRI/events

Can’t wait to see you!

Rhode Islanders against mandated HPV vaccinations does not endorse or personally know the below lawyers, but they handle vaccine injury and is a step to look at and determine for yourself if they are right for you; if you had the unfortunate experience with a vaccine injury.

Transverse Myelitis Survivor? There’s money available to help if your Transverse Myelitis was triggered by vaccines like the flu shot, tetanus, and HPV shot. Our firm helps people file claims in the Federal Vaccine Court. Find out if you are eligible. https://www.mctlawyers.com/vaccine-injury/


~~~~~~~ Thank you so much for reading the whole message~~~~~~


Rhode Islanders against mandated HPV vaccinations


Big Pharma bombshell

Big Pharma bombshell: Judge finds Merck lied in patent trial, overturns $200-million verdict

The public already holds drug manufacturers in low esteem – and now they’ve got more fuel for their opinion.  Federal Judge Beth Labson Freeman of San Jose last week found that Merck & Co. lied to a business partner and to the court itself. Freeman threw out a patent infringement judgment Merck had won against Gilead Sciences, and overturned a $200-million jury award.

This was a big deal, involving one of the most profitable drugs on the market today — Foster City, Calif.-based Gilead’s blockbuster Sovaldi treatment for the hepatitis C virus — and the world’s fourth-largest drug company Merck.

It’s also an enormous black eye for Merck, whose activities the judge said consisted of “systematic and outrageous deception in conjunction with unethical business practices and litigation misconduct.”

But the case does more than raise questions about the integrity of a huge corporation. It’s a window into the extent to which the nation’s overworked patent inspectors can be misled by applicants backed by big corporate war chests in pursuit of  billions of dollars in potential profits.

Legal experts have wrestled with that issue for years. “Catching fraud or other forms of cheating in the patent process is unlikely given the practical limits of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office,” T. Leigh Anenson and Gideon Mark of the University of Maryland wrote in a 2013 law review article.

Often, courts have punished applicants who obtain patents through cheating by leaving the patents in place, but making them unenforceable by the wrongdoer.

That’s what Judge Freeman did — she barred Merck from collecting a dime from Gilead for the two patents it supposedly infringed. “People have referred to unenforceability as the atomic bomb of patent lit,” says patent expert Jacob Sherkow of New York Law School.

Merck itself alluded to the value of a strong patent system in announcing its court victory in March, when it spoke sanctimoniously about how the jury verdict “upholds patent protections that are essential to the development of new medical treatments.” A spokesman for the company reiterated the point last week in commenting on Judge Freeman’s ruling. But Merck insisted that the hepatitis C drugs at the heart of the case “required many years of research and significant investment by Merck and its partners.”

Freeman’s ruling has given Gilead the upper hand, for now, in trying to settle the dispute with Merck, which plans to appeal.

The evidence examined by Freeman strongly suggests that Merck flagrantly manipulated the patent process to gain unfair advantage.

Sovaldi and its related Gilead product, Harvoni, have been huge moneymakers for Gilead, bringing the company more than $20 billion in sales since the first drug was introduced in 2013. There’s no mystery why, since the drugs almost invariably cure hepatitis C with minimal side effects – a big improvement over previous treatments. The drugs are so effective that Gilead’s stratospheric pricing for them has become Exhibit A in the national controversy over the cost of drugs.

The case began in 2013, when Merck claimed that its patents covered Sovaldi and demanded royalties and license fees from Gilead. Gilead refused, and sued to declare Merck’s patents invalid. The trial jury  rebuffed that argument and ordered Gilead to pay Merck $200 million, plus future royalties – far less than the $2 billion that Merck had sought.

“That would have been the single largest patent damages award in U.S. history,” Sherkow says. Across the biotech industry, opinion was that Gilead got off easy.

But Gilead really drew blood when it accused Merck of coming to the patent battle with “unclean hands.”

Its claims stemmed from Merck’s interactions with Pharmasset, the New Jersey biotech firm that had invented Sovaldi and was acquired by Gilead in 2011 for $11 billion. Gilead’s story left Judge Freeman appalled.

She described the company’s behavior as “systematic and outrageous deception in conjunction with unethical business practices and litigation misconduct.” That conduct included “lying to Pharmasset, misusing Pharmasset’s confidential information, breaching confidentiality and firewall agreements, and lying under oath at deposition and trial.”

Much of the judge’s ire was directed at retired Merck patent attorney Phillippe Durette, who was working on patents for antiviral drugs during a period when Merck was trying to reach its own deal with Pharmasset.

Merck signed a nondisclosure agreement, or NDA, with Pharmasset, pledging not to use the latter’s secret information for any purpose other than to decide whether to pursue the relationship. Pharmasset turned over information including the structure of a key formulation to a single Merck scientist who was to be “firewalled” — that is, he couldn’t discuss it with anyone in Merck’s own drug development loop.

That worked until a March 2004 conference call between Merck and Pharmasset officials aimed at advancing a possible deal. Pharmasset was willing to reveal details of its formulas on the call, because it was led to believe everyone on the call would be subject to the confidentiality agreement. But the participants included Durette, who wasn’t firewalled and was in a position to turn what he heard into a potential goldmine for Merck.

According to Freeman, that’s what happened. Durette, who she said shouldn’t have been allowed on the call in the first place, should immediately have been excluded from Merck’s existing hepatitis C drug development program. Instead, he rewrote Merck’s earlier patent claims so that they would apply to Pharmasset’s upcoming release of its hepatitis-C drug.  In 2011, Merck even threatened Pharmasset with a patent lawsuit over the drug.

What irked the judge even more, she ruled, is that Durette lied.  In a deposition, he repeatedly denied having been on the call. He recanted at trial only after he was confronted with notes taken by a Pharmasset employee during the call, proving that he had participated. At that point, he pleaded a faulty memory.

Freeman didn’t buy it. “It is overwhelmingly clear…,” she ruled, “that Dr. Durette sought at every turn to create the false impression that Merck’s conduct was aboveboard.” She blamed Merck, which she said “sponsored and encouraged” his conduct, then sought to minimize its importance by attributing the fiasco to “the failed memory of a retired employee.”

Adding to the temerity of the big drugmaker, it originally sued Gilead for $2 billion before having to settle for $200 million. Now, pending appeal, it won’t get even that much for its patent claims, and its reputation for integrity will carry a value of less than zero.

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Find the original article post here


Sign the petition to support reversing the mandated HPV vaccine mandate (made by Merck) in Rhode Island.

Donate to help support the efforts of the Awareness Campaign to advocate for informed consent.

VaxXed Show Times Changed!!

VaxXed Show Times Changed!!

Bring VaxXed to RI; Rhonda and Aimee important announcement

Avon Cinema has changed the show times to show twice a day instead of four times a day.

Two new Show Times of VAXXED for Avon Cinema ~ June 17 – 23rd

4:25p & 8:25p

Tickets will not be available online.


Connect with us in our discussion group.

See the press release info here.


CDC. Call to Action

CDC. Call to Action

The Center for Disease Control is holding an ACIP meeting later this month. Written submission of comments was due by June 8th (by counting working days). This is extremely time sensitive. Submitting written comment Today June 10th is still better then not sending any comment at all. As you will have your sent email as proof.

About ACIP Meetings

The Committee meets three times annually at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, Georgia. Meetings are open to the public and available online via webcast. During the meetings, members and CDC staff present findings and discuss vaccine research and scientific data related to vaccine effectiveness and safety, clinical trial results, and manufacturer’s labeling or package insert information. Outbreaks of vaccine-preventable disease or changes in vaccine supply, such as vaccine shortages, also are reviewed during meetings.

10 workdays before the meeting. Meeting Scheduled for June 22
Content of written comments:
  • •name
  • •address
  • •organizational affiliation
  • •e- mail address of the speaker
  • •topic being addressed
  • •specific comments
Format and length of written comments:
  • •Must not to exceed one single-spaced typed page with 1 inch margins containing all items above.
  • •Only those written comments received 10 days in advance of the meeting will be included in the official record of the meeting.
Stephanie Thomas, CDC, NCIRD. Email ACIP@cdc.gov


ACIP (Advisory committee on immunization practices)

June Meeting is June 22-23 (Mark your datebook to watch this live)

Live Webcast Instructions
Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP)
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Atlanta, GA
June 22: 8:00 am – 5:15 pm
June 23: 8:00 am – 1:00 pm

  1. Due to Firewall concerns, some users may need to cut and paste the link into their internet browser.
  2. Closed Caption are only available on the Windows Media link.

Windows Media Link ~~~~~~~~ Flash Link

Meeting Minutes Agenda

Listening to meeting via phone only:
Toll Free: 1-877-925-7916
Passcode: 4080878459

Here is official notice of the NEXT meeting in which written comment is due by Oct 4th 2016 and meeting to be held on Oct 19th 2016

We will remind you, and now will be watching this closer for future notifications. If you use google calendar you can give yourself a reminder to pop up on Sept 28th 2016 and have yourself plenty of time to prepare and email a statement with content on time. Please submit a statement as indicated above even if only one paragraph. Showing the CDC that we are paying attention is important. Join the Facebook event and select “going” to get the reminders when the date gets here.