Action Item Email

Action Item Email

Rhode Island currently has multiple bills in the statehouse this year and a couple more are still expected to be submitted in the topic of Health Choices.

There is a push across the nation and through federal agencies to impede on religious freedoms and medical freedoms, and that is simply atrocious. We should all support the rights we have and protect them, or we will fall farther from being a free nation.


H5541 The Adult Database tracking bill from last year is back again!!  Read the blog post from last year about this bill written by a fierce activist. This is the bill that wants to add to the KidsNet database (one for children up to age 18 in RI~ auto enrolled without any opt out option already in place) that is auto enroll and you don’t sign yourself up, you are put in whether you want to be or not. The bill changes the name of the database to longer be Kidsnet.

Prewritten emails are ready for you to click and send! ( You need to add your name and address at the bottom of the email before hitting send. You can fully edit and add to them. They are written very basic and to the point, we do encourage you to add one paragraph that is personal from you.


Did you miss the email from the other day about all the bills? Read it here

Want to learn more about getting more involved? Reply with your town, phone, and interests. We will be happy to chat with you.

Aimee Gardiner


Rhode Islanders against mandated HPV vaccinations


Instagram & Twitter @MyRightsRI

Donate to the mission and add to the war chest of this fight!

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