It’s not over. Make your voice heard TODAY

It’s not over. Make your voice heard TODAY



The medical tracking bill is dangerously close to passing.  This is our last day to stop it!  Please, please Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) one email to the entire general assembly urging them to VOTE AGAINST H 5541A / S 676A.  Simply copy paste the emails listed below into the BCC line of your email. Then leave at message on Governor’s phone line.


Sample email:
Subject:  I do NOT consent. Oppose H5541A Floor Vote TODAY
“Distinguished Lawmakers of Rhode Island,
I respectfully urge you reject H 5541A. This bill is invasive and dis-empowering.  The database may include an enormous amount of sensitive information that I do not wish to share with unknown entities.  Additionally, if our information is deleted from the registry, we may be auto-enrolled back into it whenever we see a new doctor.  This would require that we opt out repeatedly!   Please do not allow RIDOH to impose medical tracking upon law abiding and largely unsuspecting people.

The CDC states these databases should be by choice “Choice – Parents must be allowed to choose whether to participate in the IIS”. ( This database should be opt-in only with written consent. This is the only way to protect ourselves against invasions of privacy, data sharing, data hacking and a whole host of unforeseen consequences. Opt in also respects the right to privacy in our papers as guaranteed in the 4th amendment of the constitution.

Respectfully yours,”

Copy and Paste List for House – BCC an email to full house of representatives


Sample email:
Subject:  I do NOT consent. Oppose S676A Floor Vote
“Distinguished Lawmakers of Rhode Island,
I respectfully urge you reject S676 A.  This bill is invasive and dis-empowering.  The database may include an enormous amount of sensitive information that I do not wish to share with unknown entities.  Additionally, if our information is deleted from the registry, we may be auto-enrolled back into it whenever we see a new doctor.  This would require that we opt out repeatedly!   Please do not allow RIDOH to impose medical tracking upon law abiding and largely unsuspecting people.

The CDC states these databases should be by choice “Choice – Parents must be allowed to choose whether to participate in the IIS”. ( This database should be opt-in only with written consent. This is the only way to protect ourselves against invasions of privacy, data sharing, data hacking and a whole host of unforeseen consequences.  Opt in also respects the right to privacy in our papers as guaranteed in the 4th amendment of the constitution.

Respectfully yours,”

Copy and Paste List for Senate – BCC an email to full senate


Call the Governor

CALL the Governor office to Oppose these bills. Leave a msg with staff to oppose S676 sub A and H5541 sub A, and she should refuse to sign into law if they pass the floor vote, by veto. That you want our governor to respect our rights to privacy and informed consent. She should only support OPT IN for such an invasive database.

Calling Governor Phone: (401).222.2080


If you don’t want to be automatically enrolled in a government database that the CDC states should be your choice then please oppose bills H5541 & S676. We’re counting on you. Thank you.


–Volunteer Team



P.S. To help us keep the fight strong, Donate at



You can still sign the petition against this database being formed in RI








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RI DOH calls Advocates of Informed Consent – antivaxxers

RI DOH calls Advocates of Informed Consent – antivaxxers



June 17, 2019


Rhode Island Dept of Health makes statements that do Not match S676 / H5541 bill language. Then calls the citizens of RI, protecting their right to informed consent and medical data privacy, “anti vaxxers”.

Bills S676 sub A and H5541 sub A, are to develop a tracking database for all RI residents of all ages. The bills, if passed, will auto-enroll all citizens in RI, without the ability to remove your file from the database. In addition all Dept of Health agencies are exempt from federal HIPAA regulation. Permitting them to allow third party access as they see fit without the knowledge or consent of those contained in the database.

RIDOH asserts that the database is to track vaccinations received only. The language of the bills do not explicitly outline vaccinations only. “approved CDC data elements” is the language the bill will allow tracking fields to include. The page on CDC website explicitly states this list is not exclusive; “This list does not include all data elements external information systems such as EHRs, vital records, practice management or billing systems are expected to send to an IIS. The list may not include all data elements an IIS produces, stores or sends. Data elements may be derived and architectural solution may differ among IIS.”

Neil P. Hytinen, Chief Public Affairs Officer and Legislative Liaison for RI Dept of Health, had an email exchange with RI Resident  Maddalena Cirignotta . His written statement asserts  “It is important to emphasize, however, that should RIDOH remove all of an individual’s identifiable information from RICAIR at any given point in time, RIDOH has no way of preventing future information from being entered into the database. Should more information be entered after the initial removal of all identifiable information, the individual must make subsequent opt-out requests to RIDOH. ”

Days later Neil Hytinen wrote an email to nurses and medical professionals in RI, calling anyone fighting against this intrusion of privacy “The antivaxxers” and continues by saying, “[antivaxxers] are flooding the inboxes of the House and Senate asking them to oppose our bill.” He proceeded to encourage the medical community to write to legislators using “small but formidable antivaccination lobby” is spreading misinformation in their email.

Neil represents the RI Dept of Health. His statements are condescending and incorrect. Citizens like Maddalena, myself, and informed consent advocates, continue to thoroughly vet bill language and question DOH statements. The core of the fight against these bills, is our right to be informed in addition to privacy of our papers as guaranteed in the 4th amendment.

Neil decided name calling and stereotyping was the correct mode of action. RI citizens have a right to know about how officials that represent our state are acting behind the scenes. Discrediting and ignoring educated and important questions.” Emphasized Aimee Gardiner, Informed Consent advocate, and Director of Rhode Islanders against mandated HPV vaccinations.

Everyone should be concerned about this behavior and particularly these bills. Database information collection of any kind should be opt in. Neil’s own words explain how cumbersome the opt out process would be executed.”

Citizens who want to oppose this legislation should contact their personal legislators. The house will vote on H5541sub A this week.



Aimee Gardiner
Director, Rhode Islanders Against Mandated HPV Vaccinations
(401) 406.2647


About the Rhode Islanders Against Mandated HPV Vaccinations

Rhode Islanders Against Mandated HPV Vaccinations stands to reverse the HPV vaccine mandate in RI. We advocate for informed consent and to place the future process of vaccines considered for mandates in a form of complete public awareness and the ability for citizens to have a voice.  For more information please visit

All In Action Items

All In Action Items

This Action Item list is specific to the database tracking bills H5541 & S676

  • Mark your calendar for May 9th at 4:30p to attend hearing on S676 in senate lounge. Personally ask two friends/family members to attend also.
    • Did you already email the Senate Health and Human Services committee?    Yes?! Great.   Either way – Email the whole senate with the emails list below place the list the in BCC field (should be able to copy and paste) Last year it passed the senate floor so fast. We are switching up strategy and having the whole senate be informed on why to oppose this bill. We want to be sure they are aware it is coming and the public is not in favor of it. See some talking points and details here

Mail to full senate     This link will email whole senate but will not place emails in the BCC field, we suggest using the BCC field. Here is the list of emails that you can copy and paste if that link also doesn’t work for you  – scroll past list to see other action items –

  • Make THREE phone Calls. Senator Crowley (sponsor of the bill)  home 4017258526     politely ask her to withdraw her bill, that it intrudes on your medical privacy and circumvents informed consent. Senate President  Ruggerio  office 4012226655  Say the same, and add that the RIDOH has already shown to not be trustworthy with patient data- that they shouldn’t be allowed to collect more private citizen data elements. Last one is your personal Senator. Say the same as above and add you want them to Oppose this bill if it comes to a vote. You can look up your senator at
  • Sign the petition and share on your social media. With this link
  • Hang this flyer around your area on community boards and anywhere that will permit you to hang it up. Don’t forget to pre-cut along dotted vertical lines.
  • Do you have ideas? Thoughts on things that could improve the mission? Send them to us. We love to hear from you and appreciate feedback.


Thank you so much for your support and efforts, we greatly appreciate it.

New England continues push to mandate Gardasil despite numerous Deaths reported to VAERS

New England continues push to mandate Gardasil despite numerous Deaths reported to VAERS

Below is an article that was originally found on Medium but was censored regardless of it having a list of reference links. The author has sent the article to us to publish to be sure it still reaches as many eyes as possible. Sign up for our blog to be notified each time there is a new post.

The writer is Jennifer and you can find her on

CT Pushes for HPV Vaccine Mandates Despite Numerous Deaths Reported to VAERS

(MA also has a bill to mandate and RI currently has already mandated it for 7th graders)

Informed consent is a human right. Having a full understanding of the benefits, and the risks of a medical procedure are paramount to making a conscious healthcare decision. Children are not able to give informed consent, they are not mature enough. When it comes to medical procedures, you cannot keep parents in the dark.

Currently the Connecticut General Assembly is considering SB 858, which would permit prophylactic treatment of minors for sexually transmitted diseases without the consent or knowledge of a parent or guardian. Prophylactic means preventative. The preventative treatment is the HPV vaccine given to children 9 years and up. Both boys and girls without informed consent. There is also a bill from public health 7199, to mandate HPV vaccine to all children entering 9th grade.

According to the Connecticut State Budget, “funding of $9,617,802 in FY 18 and $9,517,802 in FY 19 to make the HPV vaccine universally available to privately insured children. Included in the FY 18 funding total is $100,000 to support a related educational campaign.” That’s over nineteen million dollars allocated toward a very controversial vaccine. This for children who have health insurance, which already pays for their vaccinations. There are two kinds of HPV vaccines on the market today, Gardasil by Merck, and Cervarix by GlaxoSmithKline. In Connecticut Gardasil is the common vaccine for HPV.

The Gardasil vaccine was fast tracked by the FDA and approved in June of 2006, after a six month priority review process. Most vaccines take at least 10 months to review. HPV was fast tracked because the manufacturers claimed their vaccine prevented cancer. Drugs for cancer treatment and prevention can be fast tracked. However, there is no clinical data to support this.

Vaccines are a medical procedure that come with clear risk. When children are given the HPV vaccine they are told to wait for 15 minutes incase of syncope. According to American Family Physicians, a peer review journal, “Syncope is an abrupt and transient loss of consciousness caused by cerebral hypoperfusion. Syncope is classified as neurally mediated, cardiac, and orthostatic hypotension.” However, HPV is the most common sexually transmitted disease and typically clears up on its own in those infected without incident. Not all infections with HPV lead to cancer. Death from cervical cancer in the United States is very low thanks to early detection from pap smears. Ironically, according to Biologics Blood Vaccines, “Gardasil has not been evaluated for the potential to cause carcinogenicity or genotoxicity.”

The Gardasil vaccine is made with HPV virus, yeast cells, amino acids and amorphous aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulfate, AAHS. AAHS, is a proprietary adjuvant not approved by the FDA, “When evaluating a vaccine for safety and efficacy, the FDA considers adjuvants as a component of the vaccine; they are not licensed separately.” However, the FDA did license Glaxo Smith Cline Cervarix adjuvant, AsO4, “In the United States, the only adjuvants currently licensed by the FDA to be part of vaccines are aluminum salts and arsenate (AsO4), an adjuvant that contains aluminum hydroxide and monophosphoryl lipid.”

The question that remains is why did the FDA separately license one adjuvant versus the other? Ironically, Merck does not have to share anything about their AAHS adjuvant because they own the patent. They also enjoy indemnity from tort law via the Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, which grants vaccine manufacturers immunity from lawsuits due to injury or death from their vaccine products in the United States. It is alarming that any state would mandate vaccines while consumers are left in the dark and forced to take a risk.

Many experts question both the safety and efficacy of the HPV vaccine. Leading aluminum researcher, Professor Chris Exley, who has studied aluminum for over 30 years writes,“Unfortunately Merck, the manufacturer of this adjuvant, has not made it available for any independent analyses, never mind safety testing.” Adjuvants work by stimulating the immune system to react. Aluminum is a neurotoxin that is used to aggravate a response in the body. When aluminum is injected into the bloodstream it builds up over time and can travel to the brain. Exley continues, “It is undeniable that a small proportion of individuals receiving vaccines which include aluminum adjuvants experience what have been called severe adverse events and such ‘events’ include brain encephalopathies. These severe adverse events are almost certainly caused by aluminum adjuvants.”

Children’s Health Defense, founded by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., states this about the AAHS adjuvant, “Researchers are particularly concerned with Merck’s highly immunogenic adjuvant, Amorphous Aluminum Hydroxyphosphate Sulphate (AAHS). Gardasil and Recombivax are the only vaccines licensed to contain AAHS. Some scientists believe it may contribute to serious autoimmune conditions referred to as Autoimmune/Inflammatory Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants or ASIA.”

Specialist in HPV and a developer of Gardasil, Dr. Diane Harper, appeared on CBS in 2008 and had this to say,“It is unacceptable to mandate any vaccine without first testing it for effectiveness, safety, and long-term side effects. The Gardasil vaccine may be an important step in preventing cervical cancer, but it is a step that may cause other harm.” This was eleven years ago, and since then thousands of children across the United States and abroad have reported adverse reactions to Gardasil.

In June of 2014 a claim was filed by Attorney Don Manuel Sáez Ochoa of Spain’s high court, Health Impact News reports, “The complaint states that Merck Laboratories failed to use an inert placebo during clinical trials, thereby manipulating data and marketing Gardasil under false pretences. On July 30, the Judge decided to open criminal proceedings and investigation of the facts. The first criminal case in Spain regarding Gardasil injuries and potential criminal liability.” France is also pursing litigation. Prevent Disease writes,“The parents of the five families contend that vaccines caused their children’s disabilities have joined forces to take Glaxo Smith Kline, Pfizer and Sanofi to court in hopes that the courts will acknowledge the side effects of vaccines and award compensation to their disabled children.”

Japan took the HPV vaccine off the recommended schedule just two month after it had added it due to adverse reactions across the country. To paraphrase investigative journalist Jeffery Jaxen, ‘Sin Hang Lee (former Associate Professor at Yale University and current Director of the Milford Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory) appeared before the Japanese government’s Advisory Council. Dr. Lee reported that HPV DNA fragments bound to the AAHS adjuvant were found in 16 unopened vials of Gardasil, sent to Milford Medical Laboratory from nine countries. Fragments were also found in postmortem blood and spleen samples from the autopsy of an 18-year-old New Zealand girl who died after Gardasil vaccination.’ The adjuvant combined with the DNA fragments can cause illness and death.

Dr. Bernard Dalbergue, former pharmaceutical industry physician for Merck, was quoted in 2014 while doing an interview for a French health magazine, “I predict that Gardasil will become the greatest medical scandal of all time,” The Gardasil vaccine is the most expensive vaccine on the market. Merck, makers of the failed drug Vioxx, that injured thousands of people and was taken off the market due to high risk of heart attack and death, have paid out billions of dollars in lawsuits. Tort law for pharmaceutical drugs is applicable, but not for vaccines. Merck was seriously injured financially, and is still in litigation over Vioxx. Vioxx like Gardasil, was fast tracked by the FDA in 1999 and pulled from the market in 2002.

Yet the FDA says the DNA fragments that Dr. Lee was concerned about are not a problem. The fragments are part of the vaccine, “According to the FDA on HPV and DNA fragments, “Because the vaccine does not contain a viral DNA strand from HPV, it should not cause HPV or cancer. Instead, it ought to tigger an antibody reaction to guard the host from being infected by the virus.” Yet, Italian advocacy group, Corvelva found many contaminations in the HPV vaccine. One shocking discovery, “Human and Mouse DNA: their origin is not known. It may be that human DNA could instead be a cross-contamination from other cell lines used for the production of vaccine. These DNA could interact with the adjuvant aluminum and cause inflammatory and autoimmune reactions.”

With all of this evidence and science, it appears that the CDC and the FDA, have been corrupted. The heads of the CDC and FDA are appointed, not elected. The doors revolve from industry to government and vice versa. Two examples illustrate this well. Dr. Julie Gerberding was the, director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention from July 2002 thru January 2009. Meanwhile, in February of 2008, Gerberding had been named president of Merck’s vaccine division. The CDC also holds patents in vaccines and benefits financially from them. Attorney Robert F. Kennedy Jr clarified this relationship, “ (the) CDC is a subsidiary of the pharmaceutical industry. The agency owns more than 20 vaccine patents and purchases and sells $4.1 billion in vaccines annually” In a second example, Michael R. Taylor had a long career in government and also served as vice president for public policy for Monsanto. In 2009, Taylor was the FDA commissioner. Later he served in a newly created position as Deputy Commissioner for Foods util 2016.

Even more egregious is William Thompson, a CDC researcher blew the whistle in 2014 on a coverup linking MMR to autism. Eco Watch writes, “Thomas Frieden, the director of the Center for Disease Control (CDC), has blocked CDC whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson, from testifying on scientific fraud and destruction of evidence by senior CDC officials in critical vaccine safety studies regarding the causative relationship between childhood vaccines and autism.” Invariably, this is the study they use to say vaccines do not cause autism.

In 2019 Dr. Zimmerman, the lead witness for the government in vaccine court in 2007, said he was taken out of context when he said vaccines do not cause autism. He meant vaccines did not cause autism in the particular case he was called as a witness for. Investigative journalist. Sheryl Atkinson covered the story on Full Measure and has made his affidavit available for the public. Dr. Zimmerman, “More specifically, I explained that in a subset of children with an underlying mitochondrial dysfunction, vaccine induced fever and immune stimulation that exceeded metabolic energy reserves could, and in at least one of my patients, did cause regressive encephalopathy with features of autism spectrum disorder.”

VAERS The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System was put in place to monitor problems with vaccinations after the 1986 Vaccine Injury Act. The system only captures between 1 and 10 % of all vaccine injuries. Doctors, nurses, caretakers, and parents can file reports with VAERS. As of December 2018, According to 60,714 injuries from HPV vaccines have been reported to VAERS, 458 deaths,15,401 ER visits, and 6,047 extended hospital stays. VAERS is a public data base that anyone can search.

There is much that can go wrong with the HPV vaccine. Without informed consent giving any vaccination is a violation of human rights. Why has the state of Connecticut purchased the HPV vaccine for so many years? There are now two bills for HPV vaccine mandates before the state legislator, SB 858, and PH 7199. Another vaccine bill, SB 94, intends to reduce the age from 18 to 12 to allow pharmacists to administer vaccines. The total budget to purchase vaccines in Connecticut is ninety one million dollars. Yet we can’t pay back the money the state borrowed from teacher’s pensions.

When it comes to vaccines, who is writing the laws? According to a study in American Journal of Public Health on HPV and state vaccination policies, “Respondents in every state commented on how effectively Merck prepared the political environment for the introduction of school-entry mandates and other legislation. The company carried out this objective through marketing campaigns to consumers and physicians and direct outreach to political interest groups.”

Not all vaccines work for all people, medical care is not a one size fits all. Some people can be severely injured by them. Where there is risk there must always be choice. “The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.” The ten points of The Nuremberg Code.


All three states have Health Choice non profit groups. All three states are also fighting against mandates of HPV vaccines for attending school. ~~  ~~  ~~      —    you can connect with activists to get involved.


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A celebration of freedom

A celebration of freedom

Today is a celebration of freedom as Independence Day. Unfortunately our congress and state house do more on an annual basis to roll back our freedoms, then any war we send our troops to fight over seas.

Today let’s celebrate the freedom we do have and remember that we still fight for rights, and like our cause to reverse the HPV mandate in RI, it is only possible with many numbers of citizens coming together to create change. Share information with family and friends as you gather together. Remind others they have a religious exemption option, and that they too can assist in fighting the mandate. Hashtag #NOHPVmandateRI is also our website to be easy to remember and pass along.

Thank you for everything you have done or might do or will do today. Without each person’s efforts big and small, we wouldn’t be able to accomplish our goal.

Enjoy the day and celebrations!!!


Legislative Alert April 5th

Legislative Alert April 5th



Two bills will be heard by the House Health, Education, and Welfare Committee this week. H 5919 and H 5986 will be heard in Room 101 approx. 4:30p April 5th Agenda
Now it is time to show up and show the committee you are serious, you want this passed. We created a Facebook event also so that it is even easier to invite others and share on social media to spread awareness.

If you work and are unable to attend. Email the HEW Committee Secretary. Lisa Cataldi  401.222.2296, please copy us on the email too

This statement or similar;
” I am writing in regards to bills H 5919 and H 5986. I fully support these bills and their support of parental rights for their children. I would like my name and statement documented and forwarded to the H.E.W. Committee Members, to support and pass these two pieces of legislation.

Thank you,
<Name> <address>”

We sincerely thank you for supporting the efforts of getting these bills passed now and in the future.

#NOHPVmandateRI Team

 Facebook Discussion Group



Rhode Islanders Against Mandated HPV Vaccinations has continued to rally support and to speak with legislators. Our efforts are paying off.

Sherry Roberts introduced bill H5919! Now four bills support the goals we have been working towards.

Sen. Raptakis sponsored bill S0047: This bill reverses the mandate of the HPV vaccine required for school, requires the RI Dept of Health to hold three public meetings prior to any future mandates, stipulates that mandates can only be made for disease transferrable in a classroom, and adds back the philosophical exemption option for vaccines.

Please come and sign in as support of the bill, you can also bring written testimony if you choose. Reply to this email and we will help you with any questions you may have.

Sen. Morgan sponsored bill S0489: This bill reverses the mandate of the HPV vaccine for school, takes away the ability to mandate any vaccines for disease not transmittable in a classroom, and requires three public meetings by RI DOH prior to any vaccine mandates.

Rep. Price sponsored bill H 5681: This bill give parents the ability to opt out of vaccination for being contrary to their beliefs not just religious belief.

The same year that it was added to the schedule of vaccines, the RI DOH received a grant for over $600,000 to market the HPV vaccine specifically. The mandate was not public knowledge until after it was already signed and added. Currently, the RI DOH is one of only two in the country that hold the power to mandate vaccinations without public input or legislation introduced for vote. The time is now to take a stand, to take the bureaucrat power away from the RI DOH, and to support the bills that respect the parent’s right to a private choice not tracked by the school department.

In this regard, we are asking you for your help. Please take action now to email your state representative and senator to support these important bills. Click on the link here to send a pre-written email instantly to your state senator and representative.



Share this link with friends and family to support the bills and spread awareness. Thank you for standing behind our efforts, we appreciate you, and we need your action now.


#NOHPVmandateRI Team


You are invited Nov 27th

Sunday Nov 27th in Warwick RI will be a health and wellness expo, and you are invited.

Rhode Islanders against mandated HPV vaccinations will have a table set up, and Aimee Gardiner will be there to answer questions, pass out information, and offer attendees to sign the petition to reverse the mandate. There is a fee to attend the event, Aimee has free tickets that can be sent to those that request them. Email and say that you are interested in the event and she will send you the ticket that you can print out and bring to attend.


This event will have many different vendors and health and wellness products and services. Approximately every 30minutes there will be a speaker that discusses a specific topic that those in attendance can listen to and attend at no additional charge.

Aimee would love to meet as many people that support the mission as possible, so stop by and say hi. If you are not able to make it, can we ask a favor? Please share the link to the petition. While Aimee is at the event sharing our mission and working to bring more awareness, please help us expand the social media awareness and share the petition. The new legislative session will begin again before we know it. The petition and the hashtag #NOHPVmandateRI needs to gain awareness again with a new fresh push.

*** Other News to Share with You***

  • Aimee was a candidate for School Committee in her town this past election and she WON! A handful of school committees passed resolutions last year to request the Governor to reverse the HPV vaccine mandate in RI. The committee Aimee just became a member of did not do that last year. Not only can Aimee advocate for this cause she can now advocate on behalf of children in her district for multiple topics. You can see her page and post congrats Here.
  • Colors of Politics is a political internet radio talk show. The host interviews different members of the general assembly and activists about topics happening here in RI. Colors of Politics is on RI Free Radio station. The show plays at 12:30p & 5:30p est daily on or via the Tune In app. Justin Price sponsored two bills in support of what this group mission is and was interviewed on the show too. The Facebook page has links to previous shows.


See you tomorrow,

#NOHPVmandateRI team

RI DOH Advisory Committee Meeting

RI DOH Advisory Committee Meeting

RI Dept of Health is holding one of their two meetings they hold twice a year for the vaccine advisory committee. This committee is where it was discussed to bring the HPV vaccine into the mandated school schedule. It was also discussed in these meetings in the past to remove the religious exemption. It is a public meeting that everyone thought they could trust the Dept of Health to manage on their own. They have more then proven that someone needs to be listening, and reporting on their tactics.


FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 2016 7:30 – 8:30 AM


If you have a way to make it to the office and attend the meeting it will be an important time to show how many have eyes on them now. We understand the time of day is difficult and not easy for many. Please share this message with others too, even if you yourself are not able to attend. One of the topics planned on being discussed at this meeting is resistance to getting vaccinated. Now is the time to express why you want the ability and right to deny a vaccine and not have it mandated to attend school, with the HPVirus you can not spread it in the classroom.

Agenda for Nov 4th meeting.

Next week is the general election, keep an eye out for an email about what candidates support our mission. If you have an email or statement from a candidate on their position please forward to

Speaker of the House N Mattiello just went on record this morning stating that he does not feel any vaccine related decisions are a legislative issue and it should be only held within the RI Dept of Health. District 15 is that district and S Frias is his opposition. Though we do not know Frias position on our mission, we do know that Mattiello has the ability to make getting legislation through on the house side very difficult. We strongly encourage you to vote against Mattiello on this topic.



Aimee invites you to meet & plan next steps

Aimee invites you to meet & plan next steps

What a journey filled with great accomplishments and wonderful volunteers. I want to begin by thanking each and every person that supports this mission. You may have sent one email, or hung one sign, or you may have been on the front line next to me through the whole process; no matter where in that realm you fall, you are appreciated. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. I am nothing without the support of the citizens rallying together for the same goals. I enjoy doing this work, and I am in this for the long haul to WIN.

I would love to meet you in person and discuss the next steps. What are your skills and talents? What do you enjoy doing? We are gathering on Monday May 23rd at Warwick Library at 6p. Please come and join a committee, share your ideas, or simply say hi and meet others who support the same mission. Volunteers are needed, if you can be a main person who gives 2hrs a week or someone who can help with one task. Each piece makes the whole possible and we need you. I am more then happy to do this activism and I welcome you to come and ask questions, and hear my message and ideas. Legislators that also support our mission are invited to join us, give feedback and speak with the volunteers of this movement. Mark your calendar and join us.

Volunteers Need for; Graphic Design, Writer/Blogger, Fundraising, Social Media, Networking, Events, and more.

Business Cards were ordered for anyone interested to be able to hand out to others as they speak with friends/family/colleagues, a stack of 50-75 will be handed to those interested. The cards will not arrive in time for Monday but there will be a sheet to say that you are interested for when they arrive.

Rack cards are something that we need to have to spread awareness of the mission at hand, and that parents can stand together and fight with us for change. To order the rack cards to be placed in businesses that support us, and also for going door to door in districts of some legislators ~ we need donations. To print 15000 cards it will cost $620, will you help make this happen? 20 people giving $31 each will make this a reality. With larger donation we can make the goal sooner. This is an election year, citizens will be looking more to the issues and the things important to their families. Help make this message seen by more citizens, the more aware the more to join, the larger our presence the stronger our message is heard, the stronger the message the faster we reach the goal. Donate Now to move us forward.

I am excited about the meeting on Monday evening and I hope to see you there. If you have any questions before the meeting feel free to contact me or friend request me on Facebook here. The movement is on Twitter @MyRightsRI


your dedicated Director – Aimee Gardiner



  • If you are on Facebook you can subscribe to events to get a FB notification the moment a new one is posted. Like our Facebook page and click to subscribe to updates.
  • Natural Awakening Magazine RI May issue includes an article about the movement and what choices parents have. You can pick one up at location near you for free or read it on our blog post.
  • If you did not already call and email the Health Educaton & Welfare Committee Chair and also Vice Chair for support of bills H7899 and H7476; to pass through committee and to the house floor for a vote please do so asap. Read the full details here.
  • We now have the ability to share the petition and get signatures via text message. Anyone can sign our petition by texting “NOHPVmandateRI” to 4014062647. Great new simple feature we hope you will pass on to others.