The People’s Truth

A few years ago VaxXed toured the nation and RI had a viewing at the Avon Theatre in Providence. The documentary showed the connection of coverup and deception from within the CDC.

The sequel The People’s Truth is premiering across the nation.

Rhode Island will show The People’s Truth documentary on Jan 6th in Middletown RI. Tickets must be purchased ahead of the show time. There was an original showing of Dec 2nd, due to circumstances out of our control it had to be rescheduled.

If you had reserved your ticket for the original date and time you need to reserve your ticket again, as it is not assumed the new date works in your schedule.

70 total tickets must be reserved before Dec 20th for the show to green light and be confirmed.



Purchase your tickets TODAY! and share/forward the email to others to view the film too.

Facebook Event is also online and makes inviting friends simpler. This event page was created by Health Choice Rhode Island.

More details of the film and other locations in CT & MA —>

We wanted to share the film coming local as it is the sequal to VaxXed. We have not viewed this film yet ourselves, but are hopeful it also reveals key points the public should see and know.
Aimee Gardiner
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Act Today against S676

Act Today against S676

THURSDAY MAY 9TH 4:30P is the hearing for S 676 has been scheduled in the senate lounge. Only three bills are currently on the agenda for this evening. Show at close to 4:30 as you are able – you can text Aimee 4017410386 to ask about status etc if you are running late.

This is the BAD DATABASE BILL that will automatically enroll every RI resident.

Summary of medical tracking bill S 676:
The Rhode Island Department of Health has introduce Senate Bill 676 via Senator Crowley, to track the medical data of every person in Rhode Island. According to lines 9 & 10, RICAIR (Rhode Island Child and Adult Immunization Registry) will collect, “data elements nationally endorsed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” Meanwhile, CDC endorses ALL data elements that a tracking database collects, “This list does not include all data elements external information systems such as EHRs, vital records, practice management or billing systems are expected to send to an IIS. The list may not include all data elements an IIS produces, stores or sends. Data elements may be derived and architectural solution may differ among IIS.”

We need as many people as possible to show up to this hearing to oppose this bill. Last year it passed on the senate side. PLEASE attend and bring a friend or two with you. We created a Facebook event also so it is easy to share and invite others on social media.

Last year, the ACLU strongly opposed this weak and ineffective opt-out data collection system, citing 5 compelling reasons. Below is a particularly relevant example.
“Finally, and sadly, we have no reason to believe these fears are beyond the pale. In the recent past, the DOH has shown that it does not consider patient confidentiality a priority in its mission. Last year, Committee members will recall, the DOH supported legislation sponsored on behalf of the Attorney General to give law enforcement access to the Department’s prescription drug monitoring database without a warrant. DOH did so only a few years after it got a bill passed to vastly expand the prescription information in that database by agreeing that police would not be able to gain access to the information without a warrant. In the past year alone, the Department has proposed regulations to expand third party access to two other large agency databases with confidential patient information – the health information exchange and the allpayer claims database. There is simply no reason to trust the Department to put the confidentiality interests of patients first once this information is included in a DOH database.”

ARE YOU ALL IN AGAINST THIS INTRUSION OF YOUR MEDICAL PRIVACY AND RIGHTS TO YOUR PERSONAL DATA?! We created a multi step list for those ready to go all in for the fight for your rights. CLICK HERE for that list.

When speaking at a legislative hearing you are given 2 minutes to say your testimony. You may also bring written testimony only and not speak if you would prefer. Please bring 15 copies of your statement with S676 at the top, and your name- email or phone- printed clearly on the documents. The clerk will distribute them to the committee. If you are not able to make it and want us to submit your written testimony on your behalf – please email it to

Talking Points to consider;

~ No limit to data tracking as stated in summary paragraph above.

~ Automatically opting residents into a database is unethical. Currently this already happens with the child database in RI, and has no option to opt out of it. This should never be supported in this kind of way. If a database was to even exist, each resident should need to sign up that they wish to participate, and voluntarily take part in it.

~ The Dept of Health was granted a prescription database with the statement that police officers would not have access to it without a warrant. They later advocated in favor of and a bill passed to allow that very database to be accessible to police in RI without a warrant.

~ The DOH is exempt from HIPAA laws. Once they have the data there is no privacy protection in place.

~ The language for “opt out” of the bill is not defined, and does not guarantee your file will be deleted upon opting out.  The current database for kids has a multi step inconvenient process that does not allow your file to be deleted.

~ The database itself plus the personnel salaries to maintain it will inflate our already very large RI budget. When we can barely pay for our state expenses, why are we adding to the tally when there is no actual need for it.

~ You want the right to make private and non tracked decisions regarding HPV vaccines for your preteens, if they start tracking adults, do you want them bothering you next with getting the HPV vaccine? It was recently approved for through age 45 by the FDA


==== Call Your senator ( can find who that is and tell them to oppose this bill that intrudes on your personal data and does not give any form of privacy guarantee. That you do not consent to the DOH having the ability to track any medical data field they decide. ====


We have also created a petition that we will print and bring with us to the committee hearing. You can sign and share the petition via

The Dept of Health has shown RI on more then one occasion that they should not be trusted. Stop the database tracking bill!

Take action today.



Thank you for supporting the efforts of Rhode Islanders against mandated HPV vaccinations, you are appreciated.


Please SHARE THIS MESSAGE with others to help us reach out to as many people as we all can together to be informed about this bill.


Follow us on social media too, and use hashtag #NOHPVmandateRI






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