Good Bill introduced & hearing scheduled

Good Bill introduced & hearing scheduled

2020 Legislative session is off to a great start with multiple bills supporting informed consent and health choice.

This notice is about bill H 7811 and the hearing for it on March 11th 2020 4p, just a few days away.

This bill expands vaccinations exemption to include philosophical reasons to opt out of vaccines for school. There are many reasons why a family may choose to opt out one particular vaccine (like the HPV vaccine) or to delay a few vaccines, etc. The parents are the only ones who should be deciding the best health practices for their children, these kinds of decisions should not be dictated by bureaucrats or politicians.

Get involved;

1 Please come and make a brief statement to the HEW committee this Wednesday, March 11 at the State House. Personal testimonies are what will make the greatest impact. A polite, fact based testimony is one of the most important ways to make change in the legislative process.

2 Call the members of HEW committee and Speaker Mattiello. You will likely need to leave them a brief message, asking them to vote 7811 onto the House Floor. Tell them why this legislation is important to you or why it should be passed. Phone numbers and more information included below.

3 Write a brief email and blind carbon copy (BCC) it to the entire House of representatives. Ask your family members and close friends to do the same. A few dozen emails can make a large impact in Rhode Island. Email address are included below.

4 Forward this notice to others to encourage them to also participate. Click here for facebook event for social media sharing.

The single greatest change you can make to vaccine laws is informing lawmakers of your concerns. Many of them simply don’t know enough about the national vaccine program. They need YOU to politely provide them with persuasive facts.

To testify at the State House

1 Limit testimony to 2 minutes.
2 You can submit documents to support your testimony if you include your name, email and write “In Support of H7811” on each page. You will need 23 copies of all written testimony.
3 We may be heard first but we may also wait around for hours before 7811 is heard. Bring a snack and water.
4 HEW committee on the first floor. Turn right after going through security and it is the last door on right. Room 101
5 After 3pm, you can park for free in the RIDOT lot across the street. You can also pay to park at the Providence Place Mall.
6 We encourage you to testify, but you do not have to. You can still come, sign in support of the bill and show by our numbers that we want informed consent for vaccines.

When you call the members of HEW committee and Speaker Mattiello:
1 Introduce yourself.
2 Tell them why they should vote YES to H7811.
3 Be brief. They are extremely busy and appreciate concise comments.

Phone numbers of HEW committee members and Speaker Mattiello:
Speaker Nicholas A. Mattiello (401) 222-2466
Chairman Joseph M. McNamara (401) 941-8319
Rep. Dennis M. Canario (401) 683-4926
Rep. David A. Bennett (401) 480-4647
Rep. Sherry Roberts (401) 222-2259
Rep. Julie A. Casimiro (401) 474-7961
Rep. Samuel A. Azzinaro (401) 596-1434
Rep. Mia Ackerman (401) 658-0981
Rep. John W. Lyle, Jr (401) 723-6104
Rep. Robert D. Phillips (401) 762-2010
Rep. Karen Alzate (401) 663-5600
Rep. Joe Serodio (401) 340-9150
Rep. Gregg Amore (401) 339-9378
Rep. Liana Cassar (401) 433-9539
Rep. June Speakman (401) 258-1134
Rep. Susan R. Donovan (401) 253-7837
Please thank Rep. Camille Vella-Wilkinson (401) 952-7340 for sponsoring the bill!


Email address of every Representative:




Action Items

Action Items

Tomorrow May 1st Room 101 at approx 4:30p is the hearing for bill H 5165

Please attend this hearing. Even if you need to show at 5p and leave at 5:30p – showing up to the state house makes a huge difference. When legislators see the numbers willing to drive in to support a cause, it matters. (to the right down the hall after going through security)

We hope many will decide to speak at the hearing However if you have not done this before and are not fully comfortable doing so; you can write your testimony and when they call your name you can go up and simply say- “Thank you for your time this evening, I am here to say I fully support bill H 5165, and I have submitted my written testimony for you to read”. You do not need to feel obligated to say more then that.

Your written statement must clearly state your name, and a form of contact whether that be your phone number or an email. The top must be clearly marked with the bill # 5165

Action 1 – CALL The HEW Committee Secretary to take your name and that you support this bill to pass out of committee and you wish it to be passed on to the committee members

Secretary: Lisa Cataldi
Phone: 401-222-2296

Action 2 – Submit your written testimony (if you are unable to attend) to the secretary email and CC to us at ~ be sure to clearly label the bill H 5165 and your name in support of the legislation.



We have a gift set you can win too!! We are fighting hard on your behalf for informed consent, and transparency within the Dept of Health. We need your help to launch an ad awareness campaign across multiple platforms, and fight the Bad Database Bills.

40 People donating $40 is a good start to kick off, and 50 people donating $50 covers the entire campaign to win this fight. DONATE today


For every $40 donated between now and May 2nd at 8p EST, your name will be entered to win this brand new essential oil gift set. Give the gift of victory Now 


If you have any further questions about the hearing or anything about what we advocate for at all please feel free to email or call me 4017410386

Aimee Gardiner ~ Director, Rhode Islanders against Mandated HPV Vaccinations



For an update on 2019 legislation Click Here

Next Step for H5541

Next Step for H5541

There was a terrific showing of attendance on Wed last week for the hearing of H5541 against the bad database bill. Thank you to everyone who took the time to show up and wrote to the committee.

Now be sure to let your representative of your district know you do not want them to support this bill. Bring it to their attention. We have access to software for THIS WEEK ONLY that lets you enter your address and send a direct msg to your rep. Do it NOW and then share this message with others too. We need to show that numbers are strong and we do not want this bill to pass.


Additional piece of info that you may not have seen in our previous notices —

HIPAA laws exempt agencies such as a health department from following HIPAA guidelines with data they have obtained. In other words, once the DOH has the data in the database they are exempt from HIPAA laws.


Act NOW to stop this database from happening in RI.

Write to Your Legislators

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The first bill has dropped


2019 is here and the year is off to a great start so far.

Bill H5165 has been submitted to reinstate the philosophical exemption in the state of Rhode Island. The current online version of the bill shows 5 sponsors; Representatives Morin, Casey, Phillips, Vella-Wilkinson, and Casimiro.

Representatives Phillips and Casimiro are on the Health, Education, and Welfare committee that the bill will be heard in front of. Representative Roberts is also on this committee and we know she also supports this bill.

A date has not yet been set for a hearing on this bill. If you are not already on the email list then join us by clicking HERE.  To be up to date on when you can show and utilize your voice at the state house. There will be follow up with a date when it is on the calendar.

Call to Action ~~ Support the bill

Email & Call your personal representative for your district (you can find this at tell them you want this bill to pass and you want them to support it.

Send an Email to the HEW committee members. This has been made easy for you, simply follow this link and you will be directed to send a pre-written email to the committee. Be sure to sign the email with your name and address, and you may add more content to it if you so wish to do so.


We do expect more bills to support this session. We hope we don’t have to fight to oppose any, however that may be a necessity.


Thank you so much for your continued support of standing for parental rights and advocating for informed consent.



March 28th 2018 ~

March 28th 2018 ~

The House Health, Education, and Welfare committee in the RI statehouse will hear four bills that relate to the topic of informed consent and the HPV vaccine.

3 bills are good bills, and one bill is very NOT good.

*The philosophical exemption bill (H 7686)

*The parental choice bill (H 7576)    This bill gives the ability to write a note for any non casual contact disease vs needing an exemption form.

* the informed consent bill (H 7704)

*OPPOSE the database tracking bill (H 7882)
The tracking bill is extra concerning since most people are unaware that the RI Dept of Health tracks all children from birth in their KidsNet database since 1999. There is no opt out option, and it is not set up as opt in. This new bill will make that same database for all residents in RI, and it tracks much more then just vaccinations.

If you are unable to attend but still want to have your voice heard you can still submit testimony (see below) and email to and the needed copies will be printed and submitted for you. You can also email the committee members (we suggest you do both) via

The hearing will begin at the Rise of the House at about 4:30 PM, but we are asking supporters to arrive around 4PM to allow time to sign up to testify OR TO SIGN UP JUST IN SUPPORT of the bills, as you are not required to testify

BE SURE TO ADD #NOHPVmandateRI UNDER ORGANIZATION AFFILIATION WHEN SIGNING IN, this shows the committee the force of one message and group of citizens coming together is strong.

If you can’t make it by 4p, Comment in this event or msg The FB page to be signed in ahead of your arrival to be sure you are signed in with the clerk.

We suggest that you submit a page or two of relevant documentation such as your story of vaccine injury, government documents, science, etc. You’re testimony is much more powerful with written documentation and will be kept in the record if it is written down. Though only your personal opinion is still good too.

If you choose to submit written testimony:

~ You will need to make 38copies total – the house will need 23 copies, the senate will need 15, these will be handed into the clerk. (senate hearing TBT)
~ Include your name and bill number(s) at the top of your testimony
~ Please do not submit a verbatim script of your testimony. Use this as your opportunity to enrich your verbal statements with evidence, more information that you did not have time to say etc. You can submit written testimony only if you don’t wish to speak on the microphone.
~ Be brief and concise. You should keep testimony under two pages.

For those who are new to testifying would like more information see below:

10 tips to testifying before a committee

~ If you can get to the hearing room early, you can sign in with the clerk in room 101 for the house committee (HEW) hearings
~ They are usually very strict about the 2 minute time limit when you testify. It may be helpful to write out a page of testimony in advance and time yourself to see if you can fit all of your points into 2 minutes.  Be to the point.


Facebook Event Link ~ you can invite friends into the event which will give them a reminder via facebook notifications and share the event link on your personal wall.

Bills introduced in BOTH the house and the senate!

Bills introduced in BOTH the house and the senate!

Exciting News in RI in February. Legislation has been introduced in both the house and the senate in support of the mission to advocate for informed consent.

Senate Bill  S2405

Introduced By:
Senators Metts, Morgan, Paolino, Cote, and Archambault
This bill will allow for opt out by note vs exemption for the HPV vaccine by the wording of “non-casual contact disease transmitted by sexual contact”. Any parent or guardian can furnish the decision to the institution in writing. All consent forms and correspondence sent to parents and guardians about vaccinations shall affirmatively notify them of the option to opt out of participation in the vaccination program.
This bill is great for informed consent and we support that it is a move in the right direction. However, this bill does not remove HPV or any other non-casual contact disease future vaccine from not being included in the student vaccination list needed for school. It creates a philosophical exemption for that type of vaccine. We need you to help us send a message requesting that there be an amendment to the bill that changes wording to not having non-casual contact diseases on the list of vaccinations for school inclusion at all.
House Bills H7576 and H7686
Introduced By:
Representatives Roberts, Quattrocchi, Lancia, Price, and Chippendale
This bill is an exact duplicate of the senate bill discussed above.
Introduced By:
Representatives O`Grady, McKiernan, Price, Roberts, and Filippi
This bill will add the philosophical exemption option for the vaccination program back in for Rhode Island. You can state it is against your feelings of what is best for your family, and not choose to state it is against your religious beliefs.
At this time the bills have not been scheduled for a hearing yet.
TWO call to action Items-
1- Call the Governor and leave a msg if needed. Stating that you “are tired of waiting for her to take action. That the HPV vaccine was added to the school schedule by administrative order and should be removed by her administrative office immediately.”
2Send a prewritten email to the members of the house and senate committee in support of the legislation above. Don’t forget to sign the email with your name and address. You will need to send two emails. One to the house committee and one to the senate committee. CLICK HERE
Thank you for your support in this. It takes us all to make this impact together and you are an integral part of that process. Share this message with friends and family to be sure we overload the legislators with contact from the public.
Hearing is scheduled for March 28th 2018