Episode 49. Aimee Gardiner ~HPV vaccine, cervical cancer and mandates

Episode 49. Aimee Gardiner ~HPV vaccine, cervical cancer and mandates


Healthy Alternatives to Vaccinations Dr Nancy Tarlow – be sure to check out the website and the other podcasts available too. a podcast which was created due to the lack of credible information regarding holistic health care and the benefits vs the risks of vaccinations.

Aimee Gardiner, Director of Rhode Island against mandatory HPV vaccinations.

We talk about why this issue is important to her, what it has meant to the people of Rhode Island regarding having their exemptions potentially removed in regards to the HPV vaccine, the risks associated with the vaccine, and the best way to prevent cervical cancer.

For more info:

Petition & Fundraising www.Gaspeeproject.com/nohpvmandateri
Blog www.NOHPVmandateRI.wordpress.com
Twitter @MyRightsRI

Thank you to Dr Tarlow for keeping the public aware of activism and important issues regarding health. Her Facebook page is Healthy Alternatives to Vaccinations

Her direct link to this interview is located here.