Rhode Islanders against mandated HPV vaccinations has had multiple great accomplishments during 2016. We have a couple legislators in both the senate and the house prepared to sponsor and co-sponsor bills for the 2017 session. We need you to help us keep the momentum and the success pushing forward. This #GivingTuesday give support to winning the fight against the HPV mandate in RI. Give to the campaign today. We will win this together, united. Stand Up – Unite – Win the Fight. Donate today.


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#NOHPVmandateRI Team Leads

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Action needed now, August 2016

Right now, we need to advocate for informed consent and be sure parents know their rights. This fall, we must hold lawmakers accountable for their votes and actions. This fall we need to send a clear message that if elected officials support policies that benefit the special interests – instead of the people of Rhode Island – that we refuse to be silent. That we will campaign against the RI Dept of Health’s lack of transparency, and we mean business.

We must protect the rights of Rhode Island parents to make choices about our own children’s health. The HPV Vaccine Mandate robs us of this right and puts the government between us and our doctors. Even more disturbingly, the RI Department Of Health is now using your tax dollars to market the vaccine directly to our children – bypassing you, their parents.

As you know, our anti-HPV mandate movement has partnered with The Gaspee Project to raise awareness and money. Now is the time to support our cause.

By clicking the link below and making a donation, you will help us build our campaign war-chest so that we can make independent expenditures in select upcoming General Assembly races, and inform parents of their options.


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