You are invited Nov 27th

Sunday Nov 27th in Warwick RI will be a health and wellness expo, and you are invited.

Rhode Islanders against mandated HPV vaccinations will have a table set up, and Aimee Gardiner will be there to answer questions, pass out information, and offer attendees to sign the petition to reverse the mandate. There is a fee to attend the event, Aimee has free tickets that can be sent to those that request them. Email and say that you are interested in the event and she will send you the ticket that you can print out and bring to attend.


This event will have many different vendors and health and wellness products and services. Approximately every 30minutes there will be a speaker that discusses a specific topic that those in attendance can listen to and attend at no additional charge.

Aimee would love to meet as many people that support the mission as possible, so stop by and say hi. If you are not able to make it, can we ask a favor? Please share the link to the petition. While Aimee is at the event sharing our mission and working to bring more awareness, please help us expand the social media awareness and share the petition. The new legislative session will begin again before we know it. The petition and the hashtag #NOHPVmandateRI needs to gain awareness again with a new fresh push.

*** Other News to Share with You***

  • Aimee was a candidate for School Committee in her town this past election and she WON! A handful of school committees passed resolutions last year to request the Governor to reverse the HPV vaccine mandate in RI. The committee Aimee just became a member of did not do that last year. Not only can Aimee advocate for this cause she can now advocate on behalf of children in her district for multiple topics. You can see her page and post congrats Here.
  • Colors of Politics is a political internet radio talk show. The host interviews different members of the general assembly and activists about topics happening here in RI. Colors of Politics is on RI Free Radio station. The show plays at 12:30p & 5:30p est daily on or via the Tune In app. Justin Price sponsored two bills in support of what this group mission is and was interviewed on the show too. The Facebook page has links to previous shows.


See you tomorrow,

#NOHPVmandateRI team

Aimee invites you to meet & plan next steps

Aimee invites you to meet & plan next steps

What a journey filled with great accomplishments and wonderful volunteers. I want to begin by thanking each and every person that supports this mission. You may have sent one email, or hung one sign, or you may have been on the front line next to me through the whole process; no matter where in that realm you fall, you are appreciated. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. I am nothing without the support of the citizens rallying together for the same goals. I enjoy doing this work, and I am in this for the long haul to WIN.

I would love to meet you in person and discuss the next steps. What are your skills and talents? What do you enjoy doing? We are gathering on Monday May 23rd at Warwick Library at 6p. Please come and join a committee, share your ideas, or simply say hi and meet others who support the same mission. Volunteers are needed, if you can be a main person who gives 2hrs a week or someone who can help with one task. Each piece makes the whole possible and we need you. I am more then happy to do this activism and I welcome you to come and ask questions, and hear my message and ideas. Legislators that also support our mission are invited to join us, give feedback and speak with the volunteers of this movement. Mark your calendar and join us.

Volunteers Need for; Graphic Design, Writer/Blogger, Fundraising, Social Media, Networking, Events, and more.

Business Cards were ordered for anyone interested to be able to hand out to others as they speak with friends/family/colleagues, a stack of 50-75 will be handed to those interested. The cards will not arrive in time for Monday but there will be a sheet to say that you are interested for when they arrive.

Rack cards are something that we need to have to spread awareness of the mission at hand, and that parents can stand together and fight with us for change. To order the rack cards to be placed in businesses that support us, and also for going door to door in districts of some legislators ~ we need donations. To print 15000 cards it will cost $620, will you help make this happen? 20 people giving $31 each will make this a reality. With larger donation we can make the goal sooner. This is an election year, citizens will be looking more to the issues and the things important to their families. Help make this message seen by more citizens, the more aware the more to join, the larger our presence the stronger our message is heard, the stronger the message the faster we reach the goal. Donate Now to move us forward.

I am excited about the meeting on Monday evening and I hope to see you there. If you have any questions before the meeting feel free to contact me or friend request me on Facebook here. The movement is on Twitter @MyRightsRI


your dedicated Director – Aimee Gardiner



  • If you are on Facebook you can subscribe to events to get a FB notification the moment a new one is posted. Like our Facebook page and click to subscribe to updates.
  • Natural Awakening Magazine RI May issue includes an article about the movement and what choices parents have. You can pick one up at location near you for free or read it on our blog post.
  • If you did not already call and email the Health Educaton & Welfare Committee Chair and also Vice Chair for support of bills H7899 and H7476; to pass through committee and to the house floor for a vote please do so asap. Read the full details here.
  • We now have the ability to share the petition and get signatures via text message. Anyone can sign our petition by texting “NOHPVmandateRI” to 4014062647. Great new simple feature we hope you will pass on to others.