Need Volunteers this week

Need Volunteers this week

Hello Supporters of Rhode Islanders against mandated HPV vaccinations;

This week we will be in attendance at two events and one of those events we need volunteers to help spread awareness. The second event we invite you to attend as Aimee Gardiner our Director speaks about the fight in RI against the mandate.

RI Kids Consignment Sale is happening this week. Thurs, Sat, and Sun. Can you help be with the table to share info and ask for signatures on our petition? You do not need to feel like you have to know all the facts to help. There will be printouts to reference and hand out, but having a person to see at the table and be able to say “thank you for taking a look at the info” can make a huge difference to parents that are not aware of the issue.

Sept 29-Oct 2 ~~ Thurs 9:30a-5  Sat 9:30a-3  Sun 8:45a-12

Can you help with any of these times, or part of the day vs the whole day? Thurs is a day that we could really use the help with the shift of 9:30a-2:30p. Please call Aimee at 4014062647 or email to volunteer.

You are invited to attend “For the Love of Freedom” hosted by Adam Kokesh on Sept 30th Friday at 7pm in Warwick. Aimee will be speaking at this event and there will be info about different ways in RI you can connect with groups that are fighting for a cause and standing up against government overreach. The event is being held at the Firefighter’s Hall, 750 Warwick Ave in Warwick.

The CDC group; The ACIP is having a quarterly meeting that involved the HPV vaccine. We sent an email a couple days ago in regards to submitting public comment to be recorded in the meeting. Please submit comment by Sept 29th it only takes 3or4minutes.

Have you subscribed to our Facebook events to get notified of new ones posted immediately?

If you are not able to help at any of the times this week, (even if you are helping too) please share the RI HPV Info pack with others. Via social media and printing a couple copies and placing on a library bulletin board or coffee shop. The direct link is


Thank you so much for all the help and support through out the year.


ACIP Meeting will address HPV vaccine, ACT NOW

ACIP Meeting will address HPV vaccine, ACT NOW

The ACIP of the CDC is having a quarterly meeting that will address vaccines, one of the ones that will be specifically discussed, is the HPV vaccine.

Public comment only has one more week to be submitted and counted to be documented in public record of meeting. The TIME IS NOW to speak up directly to the CDC in this fight of the HPV vaccine and having the right to informed consent privately with family doctor.

We suggest the following points in your written comment to ACIP. Below you will find the exact instructions for sending this comment and what information is required to submit with comment.

  • Concern was publicly raised about ovarian failure related to the HPV vaccine. This should not be ignored and further detailed studies should be done immediately, and prior to more vaccines being recommended.
  • Advertising the HPV vaccine for cancer prevention should cease immediately. Not one study proves cancer prevention, it is an assumed result that does not have solid proof yet. This is extremely misleading to the public and does not permit proper informed consent.
  • CDC should cease and desist on any form of advertising of any vaccines to the public. Vaccine manufacturers are free from liability when a vaccine causes a negative side effect. They benefit full profits of all vaccine sales. Our tax dollars and government agencies should not be paying to advertise a product that produces billions in profits for the manufacturer.
  • Multiple countries are no longer recommending the HPV vaccine due to a high level of young adults having serious side effects of the vaccine. The CDC and ACIP need to take this seriously and show the US public that they do care about the youth, and will also do more follow up studies and further investigation of the HPV vaccine.


About ACIP Meetings

The Committee meets three times annually at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, Georgia. Meetings are open to the public and available online via webcast. During the meetings, members and CDC staff present findings and discuss vaccine research and scientific data related to vaccine effectiveness and safety, clinical trial results, and manufacturer’s labeling or package insert information. Outbreaks of vaccine-preventable disease or changes in vaccine supply, such as vaccine shortages, also are reviewed during meetings.

Deadline: SEPTEMBER 29TH 2016
10 workdays before the meeting. Meeting Scheduled for Oct 19th
Content of written comments:
  • •name
  • •address
  • •organizational affiliation
  • •e- mail address of the speaker
  • •topic being addressed
  • •specific comments
Format and length of written comments:
  • •Must not to exceed one single-spaced typed page with 1 inch margins containing all items above.
  • •Only those written comments received 10 days in advance of the meeting will be included in the official record of the meeting.
Stephanie Thomas, CDC, NCIRD. Email


ACIP (Advisory committee on immunization practices)

October Meeting is Oct 19-20 (Mark your datebook to watch this live)

Live Webcast Instructions
Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP)
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Atlanta, GA
Oct 19: 8:00 am – 6 pm
Oct 20: 8:00 am – 3:30 pm

  1. Due to Firewall concerns, some users may need to cut and paste the link into their internet browser.
  2. Closed Caption are only available on the Windows Media link.

Windows Media Link ~~~~~~~~ Flash Link


Listening to meeting via phone only:
Toll Free: 1-877-925-7916
Passcode: 4080878459

Join the Facebook event and select “going” to get the reminders and to share with others to make their voice heard too.

Good Afternoon June 16th

Good Afternoon June 16th

The day is upon us and the VaxXed documentary is debuting tomorrow. This is very exciting to be able to show this in Rhode Island and have the legislators that are our elected officials have the option to view it right here and see this important information. Aimee & Christine went to the State House this week and personally invited members of the General Assembly to attend this film and see the data it provides.

This message may be a little longer then our average email and we sincerely request you to read the entire message to have all the content. We want to be sure you have the information we believe you want us to share with you, but this time it is a little more then we usually have in one post/email.

Vaxxed T Shirts will be arriving soon for purchase and if you ordered the NOHPVmandateRI T Shirts you should have already received a shipping status email. The Vaxxed T Shirts will not be available at the Avon Cinema. Rhonda & Aimee will be right around the corner on Saturday the 18th with them available for purchase $20 each. 6pm at Flatbread Pizza on Cushing St. You may also contact Aimee at 401.406.2647 to connect for purchasing the T Shirts. The Vaxxed T Shirt sales support the efforts of the team traveling around the nation to go to different theaters and discuss the film. To see the up to date current Facebook posts about this film in RI; the event page will give you that and you can invite others to join in too.

VaxXed~ Avon Cinema, Thayer St Providence RI. June 17-23rd at 4:25p & 8:25p = Tickets are available for sale at the cinema box office 30-40 minutes before the show time, there is not online sales.

Do you need financial help with getting a ticket? Email to inquire about getting a ticket to see VaxXed. Donate for others who may not otherwise be able to attend at

Don’t forget to also sign up for updates through email from VAXXED via selecting the newsletter.

Are you not familiar with the area? See the end of this message for a description of what to expect driving in.

Recently Coalition Radio on WPRO had Del Bigtree on the show. Here is the recording of the interview.

Tomorrow June 17th Del Bigtree and Rhonda Apollo will be guests on the CT local TV show Holistic Health Hour. 5-6p est. Atlantic Broadband Channel 25. Be Sure to tune in.

Please email if you are interested in having one of the producers and a representative of our group for an interview.


Rhode Islanders against mandated HPV vaccinations supports this documentary on the basis of informed consent. The citizens of the United States have a right to know the true facts of data about medical decisions, withholding that information negates informed consent. Merck makes Gardasil the HPV vaccine and it also makes the vaccine in the study being manipulated. As an organization we stand against the mandate attached to a child’s education, and we advocate for informed consent. Though we do not take position on the HPV vaccine or any vaccine, informed consent also involves sharing information that is in direct association to our topic. Merck and the CDC are directly connected to the HPV vaccine, we fully support the data in this documentary being available and viewed, and the public can choose how to react or what to do with that data. We will continue to advocate for information and transparency to be a priority.


Saturday June 18th Jim Langevin (congressional representative) will be holding a public open lunch. 12p-2p at Bravo Wood Fired Pizza in North Kingstown. Ask him why he hasn’t obtained the CDC whistle blower documents from Bill Posey’s office. Ask him to attend VaxXed and ask him to take a stand for informed consent in our medical industry. Tell him you are watching, and doing nothing, come November matters on votes. Congress has known about the documents presented in VaxXed for two years. Congressman Bill Posey requested that congress investigate the CDC after he looked over the documents. Jim Langevin along with many others did not even request copies of the documents to look over themselves. Informed Consent matters, transparency in our highest health organization matters. Make sure Jim Langevin knows your stance. Here is the link to his lunch event on Facebook.

Call your representatives and senators and tell them how important this issue is. Whether you just want to focus on discussing the HPV vaccine mandate, or also the CDC whistle blower William Thompson documents. They need to know we are serious and we are watching. Call them today and make your voice heard.

Join us in the discussion online to see others posts and perspectives too.

Donate to our mission of reversing the HPV vaccine mandate in RI and advocating for informed consent.


What to expect when coming to Avon Cinema

For those unfamiliar with the East Side of Providence and Thayer Street in particular, where the Avon Cinema is located, here is some helpful advice.

Arriving to the show at the last minute, especially for evening shows, will make parking directly on Thayer St. very difficult, if not impossible.

You will also have to contend with parking meters.

Although, there are plenty of neighboring streets that should serve your purpose, so be prepared to walk a couple of blocks.

There are many great places to eat and little shops to visit on Thayer St., so you may want to arrive early and stop at a restaurant before the show to secure the best parking spot closest to the theater.

I highly recommend “Flatbread Pizza”, as they employ great people, the food is entirely organic, delicious, and is also very spacious establishment which is great for for groups.
Their Info:  161 Cushing St, Providence, RI 02906
Phone:(401) 273-2737

Here are some other options to consider for dining out:

There are several more pages after the first one, so be sure to scroll through the rest:,+RI&start=0&l=p:RI:Providence::College_Hill

Lastly, We are here for you!

Just contact us through the VAXXED/Rhode Island Event Page and we will help answer your questions!

Can’t wait to see you!

Rhode Islanders against mandated HPV vaccinations does not endorse or personally know the below lawyers, but they handle vaccine injury and is a step to look at and determine for yourself if they are right for you; if you had the unfortunate experience with a vaccine injury.

Transverse Myelitis Survivor? There’s money available to help if your Transverse Myelitis was triggered by vaccines like the flu shot, tetanus, and HPV shot. Our firm helps people file claims in the Federal Vaccine Court. Find out if you are eligible.


~~~~~~~ Thank you so much for reading the whole message~~~~~~


Rhode Islanders against mandated HPV vaccinations


VaxXed Show Times Changed!!

VaxXed Show Times Changed!!

Bring VaxXed to RI; Rhonda and Aimee important announcement

Avon Cinema has changed the show times to show twice a day instead of four times a day.

Two new Show Times of VAXXED for Avon Cinema ~ June 17 – 23rd

4:25p & 8:25p

Tickets will not be available online.


Connect with us in our discussion group.

See the press release info here.


Urgent ~ NVAC June 8th

Urgent ~ NVAC June 8th

The NVAC (National Vaccine Advisory Committee) is holding public meetings NOW in Washington DC

Call in # 18886039739

passcode 4976996

Watch Live

Public comment is open to call in or show up on site. 200 Independence Ave SW, Washington DC 20201 (use link to register for in person speaking)

A day of doing serious focus on the HPV vaccine. June 7th a lady called in hitting it spot on with great info, and many of the scientist in the room brushed it off due to her not having a title. So basically we need as many people that have some kind of medical title to call in during public comment. 12:45est

If you have doctors in your network willing to call in and speak against vaccines being mandatory and especially regarding the HPV. & any specific data relevant would a great thing.

from 10:15-11:30 they will be discussing the 2010 National Vaccine Plan mid-course review

11:45-12:45 Annual update on efforts to increase HPV vaccination among adolescents.

12:45 public comment

PLEASE extend the invite to as many doctors and medical professionals as you are able on a short notice. If too many people from the across the country call in randomly it may not leave much time for the medical profession to also speak against the pushing the HPV vaccine.



Help RI fight the HPV mandate, Sign the petition today

Aimee invites you to meet & plan next steps

Aimee invites you to meet & plan next steps

What a journey filled with great accomplishments and wonderful volunteers. I want to begin by thanking each and every person that supports this mission. You may have sent one email, or hung one sign, or you may have been on the front line next to me through the whole process; no matter where in that realm you fall, you are appreciated. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. I am nothing without the support of the citizens rallying together for the same goals. I enjoy doing this work, and I am in this for the long haul to WIN.

I would love to meet you in person and discuss the next steps. What are your skills and talents? What do you enjoy doing? We are gathering on Monday May 23rd at Warwick Library at 6p. Please come and join a committee, share your ideas, or simply say hi and meet others who support the same mission. Volunteers are needed, if you can be a main person who gives 2hrs a week or someone who can help with one task. Each piece makes the whole possible and we need you. I am more then happy to do this activism and I welcome you to come and ask questions, and hear my message and ideas. Legislators that also support our mission are invited to join us, give feedback and speak with the volunteers of this movement. Mark your calendar and join us.

Volunteers Need for; Graphic Design, Writer/Blogger, Fundraising, Social Media, Networking, Events, and more.

Business Cards were ordered for anyone interested to be able to hand out to others as they speak with friends/family/colleagues, a stack of 50-75 will be handed to those interested. The cards will not arrive in time for Monday but there will be a sheet to say that you are interested for when they arrive.

Rack cards are something that we need to have to spread awareness of the mission at hand, and that parents can stand together and fight with us for change. To order the rack cards to be placed in businesses that support us, and also for going door to door in districts of some legislators ~ we need donations. To print 15000 cards it will cost $620, will you help make this happen? 20 people giving $31 each will make this a reality. With larger donation we can make the goal sooner. This is an election year, citizens will be looking more to the issues and the things important to their families. Help make this message seen by more citizens, the more aware the more to join, the larger our presence the stronger our message is heard, the stronger the message the faster we reach the goal. Donate Now to move us forward.

I am excited about the meeting on Monday evening and I hope to see you there. If you have any questions before the meeting feel free to contact me or friend request me on Facebook here. The movement is on Twitter @MyRightsRI


your dedicated Director – Aimee Gardiner



  • If you are on Facebook you can subscribe to events to get a FB notification the moment a new one is posted. Like our Facebook page and click to subscribe to updates.
  • Natural Awakening Magazine RI May issue includes an article about the movement and what choices parents have. You can pick one up at location near you for free or read it on our blog post.
  • If you did not already call and email the Health Educaton & Welfare Committee Chair and also Vice Chair for support of bills H7899 and H7476; to pass through committee and to the house floor for a vote please do so asap. Read the full details here.
  • We now have the ability to share the petition and get signatures via text message. Anyone can sign our petition by texting “NOHPVmandateRI” to 4014062647. Great new simple feature we hope you will pass on to others.

Phone Rally of RI House Health Committee

 Representative Marvin L. Abney
401.487.1380 & 401.222.2466
  Representative Mia A. Ackerman
401.658.0981 & 401.222.2466
  Representative Gregg Amore
401.339.9378 & 401.222.2466
  Representative Samuel A. Azzinaro
  Vice Chairman
401.596.1434 & 401.222.2466
  Representative David A. Bennett
401.737.0562 &
  Representative Dennis M. Canario
401.683.4926 & 401.222.2466
  Representative Arthur J. Corvese
401.353.8695 & 401.222.2466
  Representative Grace Diaz
  Deputy Chairwoman
401.467.8413 & 401.222.2466
  Representative Kathleen A. Fogarty
401.782.1919 & 401.222.2466
  Representative Arthur Handy
401.785.8996 & 401.222.2466
  Representative Robert B. Lancia
401.316.9514 & 401.222.2259
  Representative Shelby Maldonado
401.340.8833 & 401.222.2466
  Representative James N. McLaughlin
  Representative Joseph M. McNamara
401.941.8319 & 401.222.2466
  Representative Justin Price
(Sponsor of H7476)
  Representative J. Aaron Regunberg
401.263.7770 & 401.222.2466

2016 Legislative session is coming to a close soon. There is not much time to make ground strides this year. We currently have the biggest chance of getting H7899 & H7476 up in the committee again and passing onto the floor.

These two bills passing to the floor this year would advocate for informed consent and force the DOH to have public hearings. It would also make the HPV vaccine no longer be required for school inclusion. We have made great strides but we still need to make waves and send a strong message.

May 11th Call the Chair, Deputy Chairwoman, Vice Chairperson, and 3 or more members of the committee. Leave detailed voicemails if you get the machine. Request bills H7899 & H7476 be brought back into committee and to be voted on for passing onto the floor. Send an email (you can send it to the Chair and CC every committee member and also CC ) stating that the bills should be scheduled to be in the committee and voted to pass to the floor.

May 12th Call back the Chair and anyone who you needed to leave a message for the day before. Leave messages AGAIN.

May 13th Call the Chair & Vice Chair and request the bills AGAIN

Yes this involves three days. Each call will take approximately 90 seconds. This is a very short snip of time, but a very important step in reaching the next tipping point. Share this post with friends and family ask them to also join in making our voices heard. Join/Invite to the Facebook Event to create more awareness. Tweet on Twitter tagging @MyRightsRI and using hashtag #NOHPVmandateRI.

Sign the petition in support of the efforts at