The People’s Truth

A few years ago VaxXed toured the nation and RI had a viewing at the Avon Theatre in Providence. The documentary showed the connection of coverup and deception from within the CDC.

The sequel The People’s Truth is premiering across the nation.

Rhode Island will show The People’s Truth documentary on Jan 6th in Middletown RI. Tickets must be purchased ahead of the show time. There was an original showing of Dec 2nd, due to circumstances out of our control it had to be rescheduled.

If you had reserved your ticket for the original date and time you need to reserve your ticket again, as it is not assumed the new date works in your schedule.

70 total tickets must be reserved before Dec 20th for the show to green light and be confirmed.



Purchase your tickets TODAY! and share/forward the email to others to view the film too.

Facebook Event is also online and makes inviting friends simpler. This event page was created by Health Choice Rhode Island.

More details of the film and other locations in CT & MA —>

We wanted to share the film coming local as it is the sequal to VaxXed. We have not viewed this film yet ourselves, but are hopeful it also reveals key points the public should see and know.
Aimee Gardiner
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