Time Is Short To Protect Your Health Data

Time Is Short To Protect Your Health Data


The Bad Medical Tracking Database is making its way through the Rhode Island General Assembly, and it is up to you to stop it.

Your personal private health data could be put at risk, and the privacy of your family is on the line. H5541 & S676 have been heard at the Rhode Island State House, and our people fought back hard. We offered expert testimony on why our lawmakers should vote NO.

We’re not sure it’s enough. 

We must make a final push before the end of the legislation session. We will be canvasing in key lawmaker districts with a message telling them to keep your information safe by voting NO. A geo fencing campaign to cover the RI statehouse and Providence Place Mall will get advertisement in the hands of each person that walks in the door. We need your help to raise funds to print our flyers and execute the campaign. Please donate now.

This legislation expands the Kidsnet database to all adults in RI, auto opting you in to track your private medical choices! 

We must stop it before it is too late!

Please click the link here now or on the button below to donate. Your support makes the difference for Rhode Island.

Click here to donate $25

Click here to donate $50

Click here to donate $75

Click here to donate $100

If you don’t want to be automatically enrolled in a government database that you can not delete your file from then please oppose bills H5541 & S676. We’re counting on you. Thank you.


-Aimee Gardiner, Director


P.S. To help us keep the fight strong, donate at www.gifts.nohpvmandateri.com


To sign the petition against these bills also database.nohpvmandateri.com




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