All In Action Items

All In Action Items

This Action Item list is specific to the database tracking bills H5541 & S676

  • Mark your calendar for May 9th at 4:30p to attend hearing on S676 in senate lounge. Personally ask two friends/family members to attend also.
    • Did you already email the Senate Health and Human Services committee?    Yes?! Great.   Either way – Email the whole senate with the emails list below place the list the in BCC field (should be able to copy and paste) Last year it passed the senate floor so fast. We are switching up strategy and having the whole senate be informed on why to oppose this bill. We want to be sure they are aware it is coming and the public is not in favor of it. See some talking points and details here

Mail to full senate     This link will email whole senate but will not place emails in the BCC field, we suggest using the BCC field. Here is the list of emails that you can copy and paste if that link also doesn’t work for you  – scroll past list to see other action items –

  • Make THREE phone Calls. Senator Crowley (sponsor of the bill)  home 4017258526     politely ask her to withdraw her bill, that it intrudes on your medical privacy and circumvents informed consent. Senate President  Ruggerio  office 4012226655  Say the same, and add that the RIDOH has already shown to not be trustworthy with patient data- that they shouldn’t be allowed to collect more private citizen data elements. Last one is your personal Senator. Say the same as above and add you want them to Oppose this bill if it comes to a vote. You can look up your senator at
  • Sign the petition and share on your social media. With this link
  • Hang this flyer around your area on community boards and anywhere that will permit you to hang it up. Don’t forget to pre-cut along dotted vertical lines.
  • Do you have ideas? Thoughts on things that could improve the mission? Send them to us. We love to hear from you and appreciate feedback.


Thank you so much for your support and efforts, we greatly appreciate it.

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