Bad senate bill has arrived


There was a terrific showing of attendance on Wed two weeks ago for the hearing of H5541 against the bad database bill. Thank you to everyone who took the time to show up and wrote to the committee.

The companion Bad Database bill has dropped on the Senate side S676, sponsored by senator Crowley without any co sponsors listed.

Now be sure to let your representative & senator of your district know you do not want them to support these bills. Bring it to their attention. We have access to software for A SHORT TIME that lets you enter your address and send a direct msg to your rep. Do it NOW and then share this message with others too. We need to show that numbers are strong and we do not want this bill to pass. After you send the pre written email, it will give you the phone numbers so you can call and write down for future reference. Please commit to asking two friends to also use this tool to write in opposition of these bills.

Email the Health committee to oppose S 676 for the senate also. We will let you know when a hearing date has been scheduled.

Two emails will take approx 3min or less of your time. Later could become never, please email Now.


Additional piece of info that you may not have seen in our previous notices —

HIPAA laws exempt agencies such as a health department from following HIPAA guidelines with data they have obtained. In other words, once the DOH has the data in the database they are exempt from HIPAA laws.


Act NOW to stop this database from happening in RI.


Follow us on social media too, and use hashtag #NOHPVmandateRI

Recent article about the bill


Thank you for all your support and continuing to stand for your rights and advocate for informed consent.

Aimee Gardiner

Director, Rhode Islanders against HPV vaccinations



WE REACHED THE GOAL TO SEND THE BOOK “HPV VACCINE ON TRIAL” TO 26 LEGISLATORS. Thank you to everyone who made this possible.

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