CDC rule change & RI DOH meeting

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO REGISTER TO VOTE IN RHODE ISLAND, and be able to vote on Nov 8th and make a change in your local government.

CDC rule change to policy proposal allows you to be quarantined if traveling between states not just out of the country, and what defines ‘epidemic’ is not clearly stated. This leaves too much room for the government to force vaccinate and detain the public without having a serious real threat to millions of lives. The last day to submit your comment is FRIDAY OCT 14th. Sometimes it is easier to listen or watch an explaination of long documents then to fully read and try to digest. This youtube video is a discussion of this proposed rule

The proposal goes against almost all state constitutions, and is trying to be implemented under the radar without anyone realizing their rights are being taken. We strongly encourage you to write to your state senators and to write to all congressional reps in RI about this topic. Bring it to their attention and make sure they know enough people are watching and are not okay with the process by which a rule change can happen and to remove medical decision rights with vague guidelines. Most importantly write directly to the CDC and submit your public comment on this topic. This link will give a description and let you submit public comment. Please take the time to submit comment, whether it is two paragraphs or 7 paragraphs, make your thoughts known.

PDF version of the proposed rule and info, blog post copy of the proposed rule change.

THIS WEEK RI DOH will be meeting on Thursday Morning Oct 13th

The first VAC sub-committee meeting of the RI Vaccine Assessment
Council will be held on Thursday, October 13, 2016 from 8:00-9:30AM
at the RI Department of Health 3 Capitol Hill, Room 401, Providence,
RI 02908. The site states that the agenda will be posted soon as of Oct 3rd, but no agenda has been posted yet. Email and ask for the agenda to the meeting. This is a major moment in this movement, we need to show up and show the RI DOH we do not appreciate their tactics for mandating vaccines. We know this is first thing in the morning, and can be difficult for many. We encourage you to bring children if you need to, show even if you can only show for 45minutes and not the whole meeting. Make your presence known. PLEASE SHARE THIS MESSAGE, let as many people know about this meeting and encourage as many people to show as possible.
Two very important actions this week to speak up against the ones trying to make your medical decisions for you. Write and show up this week.
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