Awareness Campaign~ counter RI Dept of Health

Awareness Campaign~ counter RI Dept of Health

The RI Dept of Health recently sent out postcards direct to minors and also robo called homes of 7th and 8th grade parents in regards to vaccinations. Some calls were for multiple vaccines and some focused on the HPV vaccine. None of this effort gave risks vs benefits data or disclosed exemption options.

You can read our press release about this topic by clicking HERE ==> PRESS RELEASE. Help bring attention to this matter by posting this press release direct at media accounts. The more that show they are not happy about this the more the media might pay attention. Hashtag #NOHPVmandateRI


We are working to counter the efforts of the Dept of Health with informed consent via our Awareness Campaign. They have over a half million dollars to which they can delegate to different forms of marketing. We don’t need that much to still be loud and keep citizens informed.

Our current goal is $2500, If you give $8 or $80 or $800 it makes a BIG difference. Help with whatever amount you are able. 100 people giving $25 puts us at our goal. This is not just a RI issue, this is a national issue. RI reports the strategies to the National Vaccine Advisory Committee, along with their % of vaccinated children in the age range. NVAC is already advocating for minor consent without parental consent of the HPV vaccine, we need to show that we can and we WILL fight back. The nation leaders need to know that mandating HPV vaccines on any level anywhere in the USA is not acceptable.

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This is very important issue on so many levels.

  • Mandating a vaccine for a disease that does not impact the classroom
  • Marketing direct to minors for medical procedures
  • Calling homes with automated messages, for a vaccine that this state has one of the highest vaccination rates in the country.
  • Neglecting informed consent

The RI Dept of Health has never been challenged by the public like we have done in the last year. They stepped up their efforts, we need to STAND UP STRONG. It is time to put them on the Defense. The more you give the more we can do.





We sent out an email that it seems many may not have received, you can find that message here, if you didn’t get a message recently.

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