Urgent ~ NVAC June 8th

Urgent ~ NVAC June 8th

The NVAC (National Vaccine Advisory Committee) is holding public meetings NOW in Washington DC


Call in # 18886039739

passcode 4976996

Watch Live http://www.hhs.gov/live/live-1

Public comment is open to call in or show up on site. 200 Independence Ave SW, Washington DC 20201 (use link to register for in person speaking)

A day of doing serious focus on the HPV vaccine. June 7th a lady called in hitting it spot on with great info, and many of the scientist in the room brushed it off due to her not having a title. So basically we need as many people that have some kind of medical title to call in during public comment. 12:45est

If you have doctors in your network willing to call in and speak against vaccines being mandatory and especially regarding the HPV. & any specific data relevant would a great thing.

from 10:15-11:30 they will be discussing the 2010 National Vaccine Plan mid-course review

11:45-12:45 Annual update on efforts to increase HPV vaccination among adolescents.

12:45 public comment

PLEASE extend the invite to as many doctors and medical professionals as you are able on a short notice. If too many people from the across the country call in randomly it may not leave much time for the medical profession to also speak against the pushing the HPV vaccine.



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