AutismOne 2016 conference -HPV vaccine series

AutismOne 2016 conference -HPV vaccine series

In this video series all from May 27 2016 in Chicago, there is an overwhelming about of information. It is well presented and worth watching, about 4.5hrs of video.


AutismOne & SaneVax put together a jam packed presentation.

Merck & Co., introduced Gardasil in 2006 and GlaxoSmithKline, introduced Cervarix in 2009. Both are HPV vaccines to, purportedly, prevent cervical cancer. As of January 2014, fifty-two countries have included HPV vaccines in their national immunization programs. And since that time, more than half of these countries have sounded public alarms regarding the vast array of new, debilitating, medical conditions occurring in the wake of these vaccinations.

The facts and figures are staggering, and the list of injuries is shocking. The costs in terms of human lives and suffering and financial burden to society will far exceed any cost of treating HPV. In the U.S. alone, in the under-reported VAERS reporting database there have been 41,773 adverse reactions, 12,926 emergency room visits, 4,117 hospitalizations, and 234 deaths.

It is with urgency we bring together the leading scientists and advocates from around the world to start a global conversation and begin the education and advocacy efforts necessary to prevent a worldwide pandemic of HPV vaccine injuries.

Please donate to help fight this mandate in RI. We are kicking off the Awareness Campaign. You can donate securely online via or you can purchase a T Shirt that not only help raise money but also helps awareness each time you wear one.



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