HPV Gardasil Vaccine Dangers CNN

HPV Gardasil Vaccine Dangers CNN


HPV Gardasil Vaccine Dangers CNN

Watch here as CNN reports on what was happening with Gardasil just 2.5yrs after being released.

As this video was about to play an ad came up, like it usually does when videos are being played on some sites, and the ad was promoting the vaccine. Not just one ad but two, one right after the other both directly leading back to the cdc.gov website. Why is the CDC paying to advertise pharmaceutical products?

The ad also was longer then your average ad, suggesting to doctors to tell their patients that they gave the vaccine to their own children and to not miss an opportunity to give the vaccine to a young teen. That it shows parents are more likely to comply if the doctor strongly recommends it and says it more the once. All sales tactics, aren’t our doctors suppose to suggest what they feel is the best course of action for that patient? Except instead are encouraged to use sales tactics to promote pharmaceuticals such as vaccines.

Informed consent is essential and every person’s right. Always question any recommendation by your doctor. Why did he/she suggest it? Why do they feel it is better then other options? If your doctor does not politely and respectfully hold the conversation with you, then you should find a new doctor that respects you as a parent and as the child’s line of defense in this world.

Help us fight the to reverse the HPV vaccine mandate in RI, and to advocate for informed consent. We are building a war chest to spread awareness and also hold legislators accountable. Please help us make this a reality, donate Now.

Sign the petition in support of this effort, we can and we will WIN this fight together.

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Video is courtesy of VaccinationEducation.com

One thought on “HPV Gardasil Vaccine Dangers CNN

  1. What a lie that it “can save them from cancer”! It has never ONCE been shown to prevent anything! In fact, evidence is now coming in that shows it INCREASES the chances of getting cervical cancer. WTF! They are saying it prevents 70% of cervical cancer! LIARS. There is not one single shred of evidence that it’s ever prevented ANY cancers! NO EVIDENCE! NONE! Liars!


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