Phone Rally of RI House Health Committee

 Representative Marvin L. Abney
401.487.1380 & 401.222.2466
  Representative Mia A. Ackerman
401.658.0981 & 401.222.2466
  Representative Gregg Amore
401.339.9378 & 401.222.2466
  Representative Samuel A. Azzinaro
  Vice Chairman
401.596.1434 & 401.222.2466
  Representative David A. Bennett
401.737.0562 &
  Representative Dennis M. Canario
401.683.4926 & 401.222.2466
  Representative Arthur J. Corvese
401.353.8695 & 401.222.2466
  Representative Grace Diaz
  Deputy Chairwoman
401.467.8413 & 401.222.2466
  Representative Kathleen A. Fogarty
401.782.1919 & 401.222.2466
  Representative Arthur Handy
401.785.8996 & 401.222.2466
  Representative Robert B. Lancia
401.316.9514 & 401.222.2259
  Representative Shelby Maldonado
401.340.8833 & 401.222.2466
  Representative James N. McLaughlin
  Representative Joseph M. McNamara
401.941.8319 & 401.222.2466
  Representative Justin Price
(Sponsor of H7476)
  Representative J. Aaron Regunberg
401.263.7770 & 401.222.2466

2016 Legislative session is coming to a close soon. There is not much time to make ground strides this year. We currently have the biggest chance of getting H7899 & H7476 up in the committee again and passing onto the floor.

These two bills passing to the floor this year would advocate for informed consent and force the DOH to have public hearings. It would also make the HPV vaccine no longer be required for school inclusion. We have made great strides but we still need to make waves and send a strong message.

May 11th Call the Chair, Deputy Chairwoman, Vice Chairperson, and 3 or more members of the committee. Leave detailed voicemails if you get the machine. Request bills H7899 & H7476 be brought back into committee and to be voted on for passing onto the floor. Send an email (you can send it to the Chair and CC every committee member and also CC ) stating that the bills should be scheduled to be in the committee and voted to pass to the floor.

May 12th Call back the Chair and anyone who you needed to leave a message for the day before. Leave messages AGAIN.

May 13th Call the Chair & Vice Chair and request the bills AGAIN

Yes this involves three days. Each call will take approximately 90 seconds. This is a very short snip of time, but a very important step in reaching the next tipping point. Share this post with friends and family ask them to also join in making our voices heard. Join/Invite to the Facebook Event to create more awareness. Tweet on Twitter tagging @MyRightsRI and using hashtag #NOHPVmandateRI.

Sign the petition in support of the efforts at

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