Movement Info Apr 22nd

Movement Info Apr 22nd

We hope you have the enjoyed the awesome weather Rhode Island has had this week.

We had a Phone Flash Mob last week and if you didn’t see it or make the call, you can still participate and help make our voices heard. CALL

~ Your district senator
~Senator Miller, Chair of Health and Human Services committee for the senate. 4014618689
~Senator Nesselbush, Vice Chair of Health and Human Services Committee 4012226655 or 4017283244
~ Pick 2 other members of the Health and Human services committee (or pick all of them)

Tell your senator to support bills S2295 & S2292- Tell the Chair and committee members to pass S2292 & S2295 to the senate floor. Tell the members to read Tetyana Obukhanych PhD ‘s written statement to RI legislators and Dr Stowe’s submitted information.

Call Senator Raptakis 4013972720 and Morgan 4017440505 to thank them for submitting the bills to reverse the HPV mandate and supporting informed consent.

The most effective way to make change is to vote for your local representatives and vote at any point that you can. Be involved in the election process and determine who is going to represent your town and will they represent the values you are looking for. The state representatives and who gets the congressional seats, those votes matter significantly. This coming Tuesday the 26th is the presidential primary and the state is only having 1/3 of the polling stations open, compared to that of the general election. Please be sure to know where you need to go to vote and have your voice heard.

We would like to bring your attention to the CDC Truth and Transparency Rally happening at the CDC headquarters today. This rally is to bring attention to the CDC needing more truthful transparency. Also, Dr William Thompson that currently is working for the CDC and is a scientist, has gone on record about fraud committed by CDC intentionally. There is a social media sharing happening to bring about awareness online just as big if not bigger then on the ground. If you wish to participate, take a photo of yourself holding a sign that says “#CDCtruth Congress subpoena the #CDCwhistleblower #ShowUpDay RI” or use an avatar image with that message. Tag the post with those three hashtags. You should be able to find tons of images especially on Twitter from people everyone coming together to support our right to know the truth from the CDC.

We are looking for more volunteers to include in the core group. Graphic Design, Social Media Assistance, Writer/Blogger, Fundraiser Campaign Leads, Etc.
We need people willing to man a table on Thurs April 28th and Saturday April 30th.
If you are interested in any of these or have ideas please contact us via or 4014062647.