April 2nd Legislative Update

Thank you to everyone who came out on Thursday to support the bills S2292 & S2295 in the senate committee hearing. The hearing was not recorded being held in the senate lounge. It was a great turnout with lots of testimony. A very hot room and a long evening, however we presented a strong case. The bills were held for further study to review the information and we will let you know as soon as we know more.

The next bill hearing is April 6th 2016 in the House HEW committee. H7899
Rise of the house approx 4:30p
This bill will require schools include terminology that exemptions are available in RI whenever there is correspondence about vaccines sent to parents. Many schools portray that vaccines or lack there of, will stop a child from being allowed to attend school; this bill will let more parents know that they do have options that are there. Many are not aware they can use a religious exemption.

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