Movement Info Mar 30th

Movement Info Mar 30th

Good Evening;

We have made great progress since we began and now the senate bills to remove the HPV vaccine mandate will be heard in committee in the senate lounge tomorrow March 31st.

RALLY!! 3:15p in the Rotunda at the State House

We will gather together to support the bills being heard by the senate committee and to support all the efforts by the legislators that have co signed bills to help bring us to this point. We will show the general assembly that this issue is important. That there needs to be a point to draw the line, and stop the over reach of power by the RI Dept of Health.

Teens are encouraged to come with you, this directly effects them. Gather your friends and neighbors. Car pool etc. In August the Rally was close to 100 people in Cumberland, bring that in together at the state house tomorrow March 31st.

Heath and Human Services Committee will hear the two bills S2292 & S2295

Legislator Phone E-mail
  Senator Cynthia A. Coyne   (401) 222-6655
  Senator Elizabeth A. Crowley    (401) 725-8526
  Senator Gayle L. Goldin   (401) 340-5050
  Senator Nicholas D. Kettle   (401) 473-7784
  Senator Joshua Miller  (401) 276-5582
  Senator Donna M. Nesselbush    (401) 728-3244
  Senator Adam J. Satchell    (401) 615-5170
  Senator James C. Sheehan   (401) 885-1988
  Senator V. Susan Sosnowski   (401) 783-7704

Showing up is a BIG part of this process but we know that not everyone can be at the statehouse. Call /email the committee members above right now and state your support of these bills. Write a testimony (can be just two paragraphs does not have to be tons of details &include bill #s) and bring with you 12 copies to hand in at the hearing. This is requested but not required. The hearing will begin about 4:30p on the second floor in the senate lounge.

The Facebook event was created so that you may invite your friends via social media. You can also share this email message via social media or by forwarding the email.

In other news;

Have you seen the hype yet? VaxXed?

VaxXed is a documentary about the CDC cover-up and fraud of Merck. #CDCwhistleblower came out in 2014 about lies and destruction of documents in the CDC. William Thompson kept copies himself and later came out as the whistleblower to the deception in that dept. This documentary does not discuss specifically about the HPV Vaccine Gardasil. Why is it relevant to this discussion and movement? Gardasil is made by Merck the same pharmaceutical company that is involved in this film. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) is where RI Dept of Health sites all their sources for data in choices with vaccine mandates for RI. Merck is one of the top vaccine manufacturers and all state health departments follow what the CDC states. If there is documented fraud in both we should all know about it and determine our personal level of trust from those organizations. Merck also made Vioxx that was the largest drug recall, so they are not new to being dishonest. You can have your chance for one week in New York if you want to make the drive. Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe will be shown starting this Friday for one week. Future locations will be released.

The other part of this news — once the original location and announcement was made for the film; it was censored and many tried to get the film shut down. It shows a glimpse of when there is truth and transparency that the people should know about, main stream media is silent and the big organizations will drop money to keep their secret. Main stream media is controlled by the assigning editors not the reporters. We need to ask ourselves why does the media ignore things directly relevant to the CDC or pharmaceutical companies when there is evidence they weren’t honest. When any other major manufacturer (like for a vehicle) messes up, it is all over the news ‘for our safety’, why is disease control dishonesty not news worthy ‘for our safety’ also?

Look forward to seeing you tomorrow with your signs,