Who’s Ready to Rally?! The time is NOW

Who’s Ready to Rally?! The time is NOW

State House Rally on Thurs March 31st! 3:15p

Senate bills S2292 and S2295 will be heard by the senate committee that evening around 4:30p the hearing will begin. The senate bills REMOVE the HPV vaccine from the mandated school schedule of vaccines for inclusion of students to public and private school. It also requires the RI Dept of Health to hold three public hearings/meetings before mandating any future vaccines. This is a GREAT step forward in what we have been working towards. WE NEED BODIES TO SHOW UP INCLUDING TEENS. We can not stress enough that even if you choose not to speak, that showing up at the statehouse sends a strong message. Bring your signs and your message, we will be heard. Let’s Do This! If you are on Facebook, here is the event link.

The public hearings will be a speed bump for the RI DOH, as when they had their meetings last summer and we made A LOT of noise they changed nothing. The terminology of this bill does not hold them accountable if the public does give push back and does not want the mandate, what they are then required to do. It simply states hearings, so they may still do as they wish. WRITE/CALL/SPEAK to your committee members that this should be amended to remove the authority of the RI DOH to make the final decision, but that you support they have public hearings.

Share this info everywhere, via social media, via email, via calling your friends. The time is NOW to show up, stand up, and speak up.

Last week was the house hearing for the bills H7475 & H7476. Both bills were held for further study and both bills had public support. We thank those that came out to the statehouse. You can watch the hearing recording here at the state website. Under 3/16/16 for the Health Education and Welfare committee. Some devices it starts at 88:51 and some it seems to register to begin at 122:00.

It’s not too late to sign the petition against the mandate.


We have the ability to offer you a one week ability to help support Rhode Islanders against mandated HPV vaccinations without just simply giving us a donation. (though we are still accepting straight donations here) Many supporters of this cause have also shared with us that they support health options and healthy ways of life. DoTerra is a product line that offers essential oils, skin care, supplements, lotions, and more. From now until April 2nd all orders placed for these products through this link; 15% of the purchase will be donated to our group. We are not endorsing these products, or stating they are superior to others, we are offering a way to help the group with items you may wish to purchase anyway.

Additional Info;

Also on March 31st in the Health and Human services committee will hear bill S2050 in relation to Naturopathic Physicians Act. Which is an alternative health option.

Don’t forget Sunday the 27th is the last day to register to vote for the presidential primaries, and you must be registered to vote for your local state representatives and senators also.

Enjoy your holiday weekend with family and friends, and we are here to help with questions or support. The online discussion group with our Director Aimee is located at this link.


Rhode Islanders against mandated HPV vaccinations Core Group Team