Mark your date books

Mark your date books

Hello Rhode Islanders,

We have had some awesome weather this week, and we will be turning the clocks ahead Sunday. Spring is here and so is the time crunch to make an impact on making sure the bills pass in the statehouse to support the movement. A 5th bill that support informed consent is H7899- “All consent forms or other correspondence sent to parents and guardians with respect to vaccinations shall affirmatively notify them of the option to opt out of participation in the vaccination program.”

5 bills currently have been introduced that align with what we as a group have been advocating for. We might have news soon of a 6th bill we are working towards. What does all this mean? Does it seem like a lot to keep track of? Are you overwhelmed? First, please do not be overwhelmed. The five bills will be heard by two committees. One in the house and one in the senate. So there will be two hearings. Keeping track can be done by registering with the bill tracker service through the state website that will send you emails. For the purpose of the bills associated to what this group advocates for we will be sending emails and updating the FB page also.

Here is what you can do to make a BIG impact;

  • Email the committee members for the two committees in regards to supporting the bills and be sure to include your contact information in the email.
  • Show Up to the hearing the day it is being heard. Even if you do not speak but you show up and sign in saying you support the bill, it makes a difference.
  • Speak up at the hearing. Prepare testimony that is 2minutes or less of time to say to the committee members. If you have been injured by this vaccine or have a family member injured by this vaccine, this is a very important step in getting the awareness out there.
  • Prepare written testimony to the committee members (try not to be more then one page in length)
  • Schedule a time to meet your representative and/or senate member asap to sit one on one and express your points of view. This can leave a lasting impression that they resonate with and personally are impacted by. If your legislator is not a committee member hearing these bills, that is okay, you could request them to come to the hearing to support the bill or speak to their colleagues about it. Aimee will attend with you if you would like her to, she has already attended with other members of the group and will support you too.
  • Tell all your family and friends, share the knowledge and the information. The more people that contact and show up the bigger the impact of all combined. Hang signs, share on social media etc to get the word out.

These six items are the ways to make change. We hope you will do all six but understandably not everyone can. Do what you can do, each piece builds the puzzle.


Mark your date books!

March 16th is when the house hearings will take place. H7475, H7476   – This is the ‘rise of the house’ so you should get there by 4:15p. Bring teenagers and have them speak too. You can submit testimony even if you will be out of state, email and we will be sure to submit it.

March 19th Advocacy Training Workshop 10:30am in West Greenwich, this will be after the house committee hearing but before the senate committee hearing. This workshop is to help our movement but also for everyone to speak up about whatever issue speaks to them. March 20th 1:30 pm in Middletown at Middletown Library will be second day of Advocacy Training Workshop.

Be prepared for a hearing to take place March 22/23/ or 24 – we don’t know which day yet but there is a high chance one of those days S2292 & S2295 will be heard by the senate committee.

Health, Education, and Welfare committee. is the committee that will hear the house bills.

Health and Human Services committee. is the committee that will hear the senate bills.


Time crunch is on, Let’s Do This! #NOHPVmandateRI

Join Us in this fight today.