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Wow, March?!

As I reflect on this journey, it has been a wonderful time filled with lots of learning and many great experiences. I have met many supporters of this movement, and have spoken on the phone with countless more. I have been interviewed and spoke at events, all with a great audience and wonderful people. I never thought about how this path would take me in the journey of being more involved in multiple aspects of politics. Expanding the network of RI contacts to great numbers in a short time frame, and enjoying it all along the way. I was already in this to win it, and fully committed to long haul; now I know not only will this movement be one I am proud to be a leader in, I will continue to fight for what is right in RI and protecting our rights. Friend me or ‘Follow’ me on Facebook if you would like. The Gaspee Project is a great group to ‘like’ on Facebook and to review the website. Multiple topics that are about advocating for your rights here in RI.

I found this blog post that was written almost exactly one year ago; HPV & Me. I hope you find it helpful.

I have been attending meetings at the statehouse with some members, and am very willing to continue to do so. The sooner the better so the meetings can happen before the hearing of the bills we want to be supported and pass. You may call me and I will meet with you and your senator or your representative 401.406.2647.

Do you want get more involved with the group? Would you like to be directly connected to the happening within Rhode Islanders against mandated HPV vaccinations? I would love to talk more, please call or email at

I truly enjoy doing this work and being an activist. Whether this is a top priority for you or something you support from afar, you are appreciated, and each piece makes the whole possible. Thank you and enjoy the information in this week’s update.

Sincerely with Smiles,

Aimee Gardiner


The ACLU is a great resource for anyone in staying up with what legislation or actions in the state could infringe on your rights. The legislation area of their website gives you a snippit of the bills they feel are of importance and we suggest you take a look to see what other topics may be of interest to you. They have copies of the constitution available to you and multiple other printouts and pieces of useful information. You can call or email to request copies of anything you would like that they print.

This is the ACLU statement on the HPV vaccine mandate.

I hope you were able to attend the advocacy training that was recently held by ACLU to give tips about making a difference and standing up at the statehouse. If you missed it; ACLU_testimony_tips is a great summary to start. Both the ACLU and the book mentioned next suggest emailing the committee that is reviewing the bills. If you have not done so already you can email = the house bills are in Health, Education, and Welfare committee. The senate bills will be reviewed by the Health and Human Services committee.

Have you heard of the Rhode Island Government Owner’s Manual? Do you know it is printed annually and you can request a copy of it, your local library may have a copy you can keep also. It includes the RI constitution, the name and position of each member of the state house, the name and contact information for all members of the house/senate/&congressional reps of RI. Comments of participating as citizens and on lobbying. This book is a tool that is a resource to have at your fingertips. You can request your copy by emailing


You may find bill H5691 Formaldehyde Control of interest to you in relation to vaccines. This bill was introduced in Feb 2015.
The current bills for this movement are S2292, S2295, H7475, H7476. Read the bill text and you can follow bills with the bill tracker system, you select as many or as few as you wish and get email updates on them. Sign up for bill tracker today.

Read the last update email here.

We hope you enjoy your weekend.

#NOHPVmandateRI Core Group Team

Rhode Islanders against mandated HPV vaccinations