Bill Hearing Preperation #NOHPVmandateRI

Bill Hearing Preperation #NOHPVmandateRI

The bills that have been introduced, from the work of the many RI citizens in support of this movement, will be heard in committees soon. WE NEED YOU TO ATTEND. You do not have to testify, though we encourage you to do so. Attendance has a huge impact on the bills, and a very important piece of getting them to pass in the state house.

What is the biggest negative about hearings for legislative bills? On average there is only 48 hrs notice to the bill being scheduled to be heard, and can be scheduled for 3pm in the afternoon. Though they are usually scheduled for the rise of the house or the rise of the senate.

This Saturday ACLU is holding a training on advocating for/against bills in the statehouse, the training will be held at Providence Library. Tips, tricks, and a great resource of information. We and they suggest going to the statehouse to sit in on a hearing of a bill that holds a little less importance for you. See how the process runs and be familiar with expectations. It is a great learning experience and also a great process to have teens witness and learn from too. See our Facebook page events list for the ACLU details. If you attend the training bring group flyers with you to share as those in attendance are there to be advocates. They will be open to learning of why others are also there.

Aimee Gardiner attended the training last Saturday the 20th and has notes and information to be able to share with you. Aimee will be hosting meetings around the state. She will share the information the ACLU shared with her. Prepare your testimony to speak at the state house or simply learn what to expect by attending even when not speaking. She will answer any questions about the group and what she has personally done recently with regards to the movement. We strongly encourage you to attend one of the meetings. The hearings are an integral part of winning this fight. Subscribe to the events of our Facebook page to get notified when they are published. We hope to secure the first one next Monday Feb 29th in Washington County. We are waiting on final approval.

Have you signed the updated petition already? Please do, we will be showing the force in RI is strong against this mandate.
Have you donated to the war chest campaign? We extend a sincere HUGE thank you to those who have sent in donations and share the link for others. Please share the link even if you are not able to donate.

The RI HPV info pack was created for you to use and learn of information. A great resource to send to your state representative and state senator.

Did you miss the last update sent out? Click Here

Thank you for all you do to support the movement to reverse the HPV vaccine mandate in RI.


Core Group Team
Rhode Islanders against mandated HPV vaccinations

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